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#19 (Frazier line) Susan Peabody Virgin Walton Houghton. 1800-1892. Part 1.

Susan Peabody Walton
b. 28 Mar 1800, Newbury, New Hampshire
Parents. Reuben Walton, Ruth Peabody
d. 10 Feb 1892, Woodruff, Utah
b. Woodruff Cemetery
Married. Mr. Virgin [born 1791], daughter, Rosannah, born 1 Apr 1817, in Mexico, Maine.
Married. Samuel Walton [born abt 1802, Paris, Maine, died 31 Aug 1845, Nauvoo, Illinois], her cousin, 5 Mar 1823.
Married. Houghton. Susan Houghton is listed as a widow living (for 11 years) in Pleasant Ridge, Lee County, Iowa, 1856 census.

Recently I discovered a Walton Family history in The First 100 Years in Woodruff, that I'd never seen before. It is on page 461, filed between the Vernons and the Walkers, missing from the eleven Walton histories found in alphabetical order, beginning on page 467. Written in 1972, years after Susan's death in 1892, it holds some clues, and confusion.

Walton Family
Susan Walton, widow of Samuel Walton, came west with her family and arrived in Woodruff sometime between 1872 and 1875 bringing with her eight children: Roseanah, Virginia, Grace, Hannah, Benjamin Chaplain, Samatha Ann, Hester, Elizabeth and Samuel Agustine.

Note: I haven't found a daughter named Virginia. The first child above should probably be Roseanah Virgin. It is interesting to note that Susan Walton began her journey west, from Mexico, Maine, in 1845, and arrived in Woodruff, Utah by 1875, thirty years later.
Susan and two sisters, one being Martha, with her husband Arthur, heard and accepted the teachings of elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They were baptized in the Swift River, in Maine, on the same day in August, 1842.
Susan and Samuel and their family were part of a caravan of 60 persons, migrating west, from Mexico, Maine, July 1845.

"… The project was more fully organized at Mexico where the three Walton families—those of Arthur, Samuel, and Harrison (Harry)—joined the caravan. Teenaged boys and girls included Dana, Andrew Jackson, Benjamin C., Samuel A., plus Samanthy, Hester Ann, Elizabeth, and perhaps Rosannah, Grace, and Hannah. When the wagons began to roll there were 14 families, totaling 60 persons in all."
I wondered after reading that paragraph repeatedly, if I could ever find out what happened to those "teenagers." Well, at least my great grandmother, Elizabeth.

1856 Census of Pleasant Ridge, Lee County, Iowa.

Susan, Houghton, 54, W [widow] 11 yrs, [born 1800] ME
Gratia [Grace] Walton, 33 [born 1824] ME
B C [Benjamin Chaplin] Walton, 26, [born 1830], ME, laborer
Samantha A [Samanthy Ann] Walton, 22, [born 1834], ME, Embroideress
Elisabeth Walton, 16, [born 1840], ME
S A [Samuel Augustus] Walton, (6), [born 1842], ME
F M Cram (5) [born] IA
Rosanna [Virgin] [Perrigrine Sessions, divorced] Cord [Card], 36, W [widow] [born 1817], ME
Charles A Card , 6, [born] IA

Hester Ann Walton, [born 1837] living with David and Mary H. Bames and child Martha J. Bames, the same census.

(To be continued.)
Links of Walton History, by Katie Walton Heninger, 1981, pgs. 44-45, 130-131. The First 100 Years in Woodruff, Art City Publishing Co., Springville, Utah 84663, pgs. 461, 467.

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