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John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan. 1886. Part 21.

Chattanooga Cemetery with Lookout Mountain, from Wikipedia

Continued from here.

From John Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, Special Collections, University of Utah.

November 12 Woke at 5:30 a.m. Raining hard. Took train at 6:25 a.m. and came to Chattanooga. Arrived at 10:35 and found quite an amount of mail awaiting me.

November 13 Started at 9:30 a.m. in company with Mellie and brother Spry and drove to top of Lookout Mountain. Visited Rock City, Natural Bridge, Sunset Rock, and Grand View. Had dinner at the Hermitage and returned to the city at dark. Attended the Salvation Army Meeting for an hour.

View of Rome from the historic Myrtle Hill Cemetery, from Wikipedia.

November 14 At 9: 10 a.m. left for Rome with Mellie. Arrived at Woods for dinner and drove in a buggy to brother Jas. Mooneys, Ten miles below Rome met Elder Neils Gardiner and brother Mooney’s family and arranged for their emigration. Returned at night to Rome and took train for Atlanta. Arrived at 12 Midnight and went to the Markham Hotel and went to bed tired.

November 15 After breakfast, walked about town. Visited the Kimball House, some stores, a cotton factory, and at 12:15 p.m. left for Chattanooga where we arrived at 3:13 p.m. Up till late looking after correspondence.

November 16 Took 9:10 a.m. train for Plainville and got off at Tank, two miles below town. Walked across the country to brother Reids where I met Elder Stratford and Madsen and brother Reid and family. Had a talk with them about emigration and returning to Plainsville, took 4 p.m. train for Chattanooga and arrived at 8:10 p.m.

November 17 This has been a very busy day and a very inclement one. Rained in torrents a great part of the time. Telegrams and letters came in from every direction giving information of the arrival of the saints at the various stations who are enroute to Chattanooga to join the company leaving for Zion tomorrow. Sister Kilgore and a number of saints came in from the country. Three Elders arrived from Utah on the 8 a.m. train to fill missions in the south. They came by to the office to spend the evening with us.

(To be continued.)

None of the saints mentioned in these entries are found in The Life and Ministry of John Morgan, by Richardson, with the exception of Sister Kilgore. I will post more about her in the future.

Southern States' Missionaries named in these 1886 posts, are found, with the dates of their service, in the alphabetical listing of missionaries in the John Hamilton Morgan Collection, Marriott Library, University of Utah:
Elder Frederick R. Lyman (November 17, 1884 – November 23, 1886]
Elder Lars Peter Madsen (January 25, 1886 – April 23, 1888)
Elder Francis Wm. Stratford (January 24, 1886 - August 14, 1888)
Elder Neil Gardner (June 1, 1885 – March 6, 1887)

Pictures of Chattanooga sites mentioned in these entries may be found here and here. The nicest collection is in Amy's Southern States Mission Post's Index, found at The Ancestor Files, here.

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