Friday, August 13, 2010

John Hamilton of Carlisle, Nicholas County, Kentucky. Part 4.

This small wheel is in the upstairs workroom
in Brigham Young's winter home at St. George, Utah.
(He lived there 1873-1877.)

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This 1828 Sale Bill of The Estate of John Hamilton is just about my all-time favorite document. A year ago I did not know Eliza Ann Hamilton Morgan’s grandmother was Elizabeth Hamilton (my 4th great grandmother), and now I have a list of everything she and her husband owned at the time of his death, the names of everyone who attended his estate sale, and what they purchased, the name of each of Elizabeth’s children, and a description and plat map of each land parcel allotted to them. In the document distributing John Hamilton's property, Elizabeth is identified as John Hamilton’s widow, and relict.

From the Sale Bill, Elizabeth received the following items. The price for each is at the right. I added $ signs and decimals. Only the beginning and end of that document is included here. I will be happy to send a copy of the document to any interested family member. Please contact me at the e-mail address in the right-hand column.

Widow Hamilton, 1 ax, .37 ½
Widow Hamilton, 1 Table, .12 1/2
Widow Hamilton, 1 Dining table, .50
Widow Hamilton, 15 head of geese, $1.00
Widow Hamilton, 32 Ducks, .50

[Widow Hamilton], 3 Sheep first choice, .75
Widow Hamilton, 1 womans lamb, $1.00 1/4
[Widow Hamilton], 1 vinegar Barrel, .12 ½
[Widow Hamilton], 1 Tray and Keg, .06 1/4
[Widow Hamilton], 1 Barrel & Keg, .18 3/4
[Widow Hamilton], 10 Chairs, $1.62 1/2
[Widow Hamilton], 1 Lott Carpeting, $1.00
[Widow Hamilton], 1 Clock & case, $5.00
[Widow Hamilton], 1 Glafo [illegible], .56 1/4
Widow Hamilton, 1 Sow & Pigs, $1.00
Widow Hamilton, 5 2nd [choice hogs], $4.00
Widow Hamilton, 1 Bed & beding, $5.
[Widow Hamilton], 1 Chest, .50
Widow Hamilton, 1 empty barrel, .25
Widow Hamilton, 1 Broken legs 7-10 galon kettle, $1.
Widow Hamilton, 1 3 galon pot, .25

The following is what unmarried daughter, Anna, received,
in addition to a piece of property next to her mother's.

Anna Hamilton-1 Bed & beding $7.
Anna Hamilton-1 Small wheel .06 ¼

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The following is further clarification of a pole in the property description, and on the family plat map, posted in part 2.
5.5 yards = 1 rod, pole or perch

I took the picture earlier this week while visiting St. George. FHL film #252,377 p. 443-4.


  1. You have learned a lot about the Hamiltons this year. Wonderful!

  2. I'm wondering if this John Hamilton may be one of my ancestors. My great grandfather was William S. Hamilton b. 1880 in Upper Blue Lick,.KY. His father was John Hamilton, also of Upper Blue Lick, b. 1854-55 and was also a miller.
    If you have any information that may confirm or deny any relation, I'd love to hear from you. You can reach me at
    With kind regards,
    Cathi Pollitz