Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Garrard Morgan Hamilton. [1835 - 1915]

What is the story of Garrard Morgan [G. M.] Hamilton?

He was the youngest son of James P. and Margaret "Peggy" Turner Hamilton, so named in the Decatur, Indiana 1844-1848 probate proceedings for his father, James. Garrard's older sister, Eliza Ann Hamilton, had married Garrard Morgan III in 1833 in Nicholas County, Kentucky. Could Garrard Morgan Hamilton have been named after his older brother-in-law, Garrard Morgan, when he was born in Indiana in 1835?

At the time of James' death in 1844, Garrard was named executor of his father-in-law's estate.

This 1900 letter from G.M. Hamilton to his niece, Mellie Morgan, widow of John Hamilton Morgan, reveals much. A "big thank" you to cousin Karen M. for making it available to us.

July 9, 1900
Mrs. Helen M. Morgan:

Dear Niece
Your very kind and welcome letter came in Saturday, July 7th and contents carefully noted and hasten to answer but first let me apologize just a little. Yesterday, Sunday, my wife looked up a letter of yours written March 1, 1896 and she says it was the last letter from you and that I never answered it. Well, well that’s just like me, for if I don’t answer social letters while they are fresh, I never do and in this case I must fess up I am ashamed but will try and do better in future. In some of your requests in letters March 1st /96 you ask me to give you the genealogy of our family. Well I am a bad hand at this business. First our old Bible was lost in some way but Bro. Dave had a list of

my Fathers - Mothers and the children and I enclose this to you or a copy but if you want the genealogy of the Morgan family you will have to write to Eliza for that or I am going to see her some time in this month or August and will get it for you if you wish. Eliza Morgan, John’s mother is now in Middletown Neura County Indiana living with her son, Dr. Wm. Morgan. She came near dying last winter in Chicago but she pulled through all right and the last from her was doing very well. Don’t know anything about Jim Morgan only he is N G and if he is dead or his wife is dead I don’t know it. The last I heard from her she was living in Denver with the children. She is a good woman. The last I heard from him was about 1 year ago he was

he was at Bills Worthingtons. My never with a woman he called his wife but not the women we know as his wife. I have been in the merchandising business since I quit the road work from 2 to 4 men, 2 all the time and 4 besides myself part of the time and I work almost night and day to keep things going. Have a good trade am the only genl store in the city and you bet I hoop em up. My wife is well and Gail Miers my dtr is not [illegible]. [s]he has a boy named Roy Hamilton Miers and a little girl borned 7 Feb 1899 17 months old and you can wager your last $ she’s grandpas honey will send you the children’s photos if I can ever have them taken but that like everything else at our house it is put of[f] [illegible] to an other but will know you I will do the best I can. Now you did not

tell me a word about yourself or the children. How is Mellie Jr how many children has she and is her husband sheriff yet. How are the balance of the children and little Nick. He must be quite a boy now – would like to hear all particulars from you. How did you come out with the Morgan Hotel & c. the whole family [illegible] with me with love and with the kindest of regards to yourself, Mel and her husband and children and the bal of your children. Hoping to hear from you again soon, I am very truly yours, G. M. Hamilton

1900 Census
Washington Township,
Greensburg City, Decatur, Indiana
Gail Hamilton (Morgan L.) Miers' family


  1. Since you and Karen have been doing all this family history work these people seem so real to me and so much closer or does that just mean I am getting older?

  2. This Uncle Morgan sounds like a dear. Writing back to niece Mellie, after her second request, and four years later. Such a warm wonderful newsy letter.

    We ARE getting older. But these people are becoming more real and seem nearer, because we are getting to know who they are. And I think both sides like it!