Sunday, September 5, 2010

1955 (about) PH Rex family reunion. Is this on Monte Cristo?

L-R adults on back row are Ross, Winnie, Rich, PH,
Maeser, Helen, Glenn, Doty, Flora
No. 4 - Perfect Family Reunion Picture!

At this summer's PH Rex family reunion, posted here, cousin Yara gave me a DVD of her father's slides. Thank you so much, Yara! These family reunion pictures are from that disc. If her father, Harold, took these pictures, why is his family missing? Aunt Mary must have taken these pictures. They look like they are up Monte Cristo. Does anyone remember?

The following pictures illustrate well what a family goes through as they gather for their family reunion group picture.

No. 1 - Lets get ready for our picture!

No. 2 - Yes, you must look into the Sun!

No. 3 - That's good. What are those two in the front
(Susan and David) bickering about?
We need to take another picture.
Look to the top picture,
No. 4 - for the final product.

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