Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mary Elizabeth Brough Rex funeral. June 3, 1939.

These pictures were taken at Great Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Brough Rex's funeral in Randolph, Utah on June 3, 1939. She died at home on May 30, 1939. They are from Helen Rex Frazier's scrapbook, and were sent to her in Oakland, California because she wasn't able to travel home to Utah for this funeral, having been there the preceding November (1938) when her mother, Bessie Morgan Rex, passed away.
These are the surviving Rex Granddaughters who attended their grandmother's funeral. The youngest girl in front is Flora Rex Lamborn. The two granddaughters on the back row to the right are Winnie Rex Andrus, and Kathleen Rex Thornock. The granddaughter on the left, middle row, is Mary Rex Rufi. I'm not certain of the others.
Uncle Will and Aunt Agnes Rex
Uncle Vic and Aunt Ada Rex Jackson
Aunt Bess and Uncle Sam Rex
Aunt Caddie and Uncle Arth [Arthur] Rex

Aunt Maude and Uncle Alf [Alfred] Rex

Uncle Ose [Oseland] Rex and children;
Ada, Amy, John, Edna

The Adas; Ada Muir, Ada Rex,
Ada McKinnon, and Ada Rex Jackson
William and Mary Brough Rex children and spouses.
P. H. [Percy Harold] is on the far left.

William and Mary's children; Sam Rex, P. H. Rex,
Alf Rex, Ose Rex, Arth Rex, Will Rex, and Ada Rex Jackson
The Brough Sisters (l-r); Ada [Adria] Brough Muir,
Prudence Brough Weston, Hannah Brough Telford.

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  1. Those are fun pictures. Those poor Brough sisters look like they are all toothless:)