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William Rex taught school in Argyle, Utah.

This picture of Flora Rex Lamborn pointing out a family history location in Randolph, Utah, was taken in 1996 at a Rex Family Reunion. She and her sister, Winnie Rex Andrus, took Rex descendants up and down the streets and lanes of Randolph pointing out family history sites, and telling stories of the people who lived there.

Those are the Crawford Mountains in the background, and are to the East of Randolph. While looking for my best picture of those mountains (which I've yet to find), I came upon this one. I've gathered some additional information about great grandfather William Rex, I want to include here.

William Rex (1844-1927).
Farmers and ranchers south of Randolph formed a small settlement in about 1875 called Kennedyville. As other families joined them and their numbers increased, they received permission from the Randolph Ward to hold their own meetings, which were held in the homes of the settlers. In June 1893 Bishop Archibald McKinnon of Randolph set John Kennedy Jr. apart to preside over the Saints in Kennedyville. In 1895 it was decided at a regular Sunday meeting that the name of the ward should be called Argyle. Most of the settlers were of Scottish origin and were pleased with the new name.

A school was established in the Argyle district, and school was held in community homes. Soon after , they erected a one-room brick school building. William Rex was the first teacher. The Sunday School was organized on December 1, 1895, with William Rex as superintendent.

I didn’t learn how long William Rex taught school at Argyle, however, the school there was closed in 1915, and the students transferred to Randolph, Utah, because the roads had improved.
Pioneer Pathways, International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Printed in U.S.A. by Talon printing, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1998, volume one, pgs 147-148. I took the picture.

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  1. That was a fun post. Usually the best pictures of the Crawfords are from the cemetery. When I come across one I'll share it.