Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Percy Harold Rex, September 30, 1889

While standing in the train line with two grandsons at the zoo this morning I was reminded that today is September 30th, my Grandfather [Percy Harold] Rex’s birthday. I remember well how important it was to my mother, Helen Rex Frazier, for our family to gather on September 30 to celebrate or commemorate Grandpa Rex’s Birthday. In recent years I haven’t remembered, this year is different.

In remembrance of Grandpa Rex, today I’m posting one of two letters he wrote to his descendants. Look for the other one next week.
Percy Harold Rex
[September 30, 1889 –March 20, 1977]

Randolph, Utah
May 22, 1967
My Dear Descendants,

I am in my 78 year enjoying good health for this time in life. Have seen many of the important inventions up to this time. Of late I have been helping Thornock Bros. with their farm work as help is not too plentiful with war on in Viet Nam. What a difference now and when I was large enough to help with Farm. A team of horses with handplow we had hold the plow up stra [illegible] work and drive the team all at once. Now we have tractors to pull the plows from 1 – to 3 or more at a great speed of 5 or 6 or 8 miles per hour.

I am enclosing one of Jeff’s letters as he is on a mission in South America. Ilene Andrus leaves shortly on a mission to Chile in S. A. I have been greatly blessed in my life thus far. Have a family any could be proud of 25 grandchildren to Great Great Grandsons of John Rex living in New York, 3 girls and their families in Utah, Maeser in Calif., Harold in Bogota, Columbia S.A. Aunt Mary and I are in the home we have had since June of 1920. I am enclosing a section of the Church [News} which may be of interest to some of you & will God Bless all of you through your lives.

I will be gone when you receive this letter in 25 years. Which one of you gets [it] will you please make the contents known to the rest of the family.

Good Bye for now.

God Bless and Protect all of you.
Your Grandfather,
Percy H. Rex


  1. Thanks for reminding me. I have been busy moving our kids to Green River. It was a nice thought to come home to!