Monday, April 7, 2014

Bessie Morgan Rex. Letter to Harold June 15, 1938.

Young Maeser and Morgan Rex at Bear River Ranch

Randolph, Utah
June 15, 1938.

My dear boy,

It is 6:30 a.m. I don’t write to you in the morning very often, but I must get your last airmail letter answered, and we went to the show last night. Two boys have been gone to the field for an hour to milk, so I must hurry and get this written and have their breakfast ready for them. They are going to the canyon for some dry wood for us. Aren’t they fine? Best boys ever.

I was a little excited when I got your letter. Your first leg toward home. They laugh at me and tell me to not start standing on one foot yet, especially when I said it might be near Xmas before you got here.

About Europe. Now my dear, we can get your money. It would be an opportunity you wont get again, but say, stick to your decision. If you go it will mean you will have to work harder to get to school. Will $140.00 give you much for a trip. Do the most worthwhile thing. If you can see that school is going to mean so much more, then think well before taking the trip.

Additional pages are missing.

How Grandma Bessie (Bessie Morgan Rex) cherished her sons!  Aren't they fine? Best boys ever.

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