Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rome, Georgia April 14, 2014.

Rome, Georgia was established in 1835 and is the seat of Floyd County. 
Portions of their courthouse were built at that time.

Rome, Georgia is named after Rome, Italy. Both cities have seven hills and three rivers.  Rome, Georgia’s Coosa, Etowah and Oostanaula Rivers converge in the downtown area. It also appeared to me that there are as many roads to drive into Rome on as there are rivers and hills. Getting lost took no effort.

Great Grandparents John and Mellie Morgan arrived in Rome in 1886 by train.

As ill-prepared as we were following our arrival at the Atlanta, Georgia airport where we picked up our rental car, the adventures of discovering  Rome, GeorgiaI would never trade. 

Churches steeples poke up on hills and corners throughout the downtown.

The downtown city clock tower tops this hill.

While standing in the center of this street corner
 I turned in a circle to snap these pictures.

There were churches and beauty everywhere.

After making our way over a bridge or two we found the following view .

The County Court Complex on the Oostanaula River.

From copy of John Hamilton Morgan Journal from Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah in my possession.
(To be continued.)


  1. That's beautiful! It looks like it has a real sense of place.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful and such a lovely time of year to be there. I loved your comment about getting lost. I have spent entire vacations lost. I love these posts.