Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bessie Morgan Rex. Letter to Harold. July 29, 1938

Crawford Mountains and Randolph, Utah as dusk approaches. 
From cemetery hill.
2nd week of September, 2014

Randolph, Utah
July 29, 1938

My dear son,

My conscience is at work and I am feeling guilty. These three letters a week seem to come very often. I mean when I have to write, but far far between when received.

We received your airmail letter saying you had changed your mind about Europe. You are certainly “off again, on again, gone again;” aren’t you. I enjoyed your letter very much, and sent it to Helen to read, so if you don’t get to write to her, I will send yours on from here.

Winnie will be home next week, so you can write to both of us together. Oh my dear, when you get this it will be getting down to weeks. Or what is this I hear? Pres. Howell better not come home and leave you there.

Wayne got home last Sat. He put on his old crushed hat & boots, & you would never have thot he had been away. Just the same Wayne. Thinner is all. Did I tell you Bob W. & his missionary companion talked in church. His companion was a fine fellow, and has learned much from his mission.

Jack Clayton saw Fred out to the Lake. He didn’t treat his girl much like a

Pg 2
gentelman should & Jack ran across him by a beer stand with a bottle of beer in his hands. I cant think much of him.

Myron gets his release next month. He is going to travel some before coming home.

Oh dear, nobody writes but I, but really dearie I suppose every body is too busy. Daddy & Maeser are at the B. G. Up on Sundays is all. Morgan milks the cows, and hauls milk for the creamery. Busy bunch around here.

I am doing some painting. I didn’t clean house this Spring so am taking all summer to do it. I’m just going to visit when Winnie comes home tho’. In one way I wish she could get this co. nurse job here, but there is nothing here for her, outside of home. I should love to have her home for a while, but I don’t want her to settle down here.

This has been such a cool summer some of my flowers haven’t done much. We work so hard for so little here.

Well, I thought I could fill two pages, but I’m wondering. This is a very quiet place, & I dare not discuss world news with you. Received your Brasionian yesterday. Are you trying

like the donkey to live on the last straw, or do you sponge a little. 61$ for the quarter not much. We have missed sending you one 15$, but we will make it up when we send you money to come home.

We all thot of you on your birthday Sunday. Wayne spoke for the first time, and Carrie M. reminded us it was just one year since they received word their missionary was so sick. He doesn’t come out much now. Anniversaries bring joy to some and pain to others, certainly.

Dallas’ wife has a baby girl. He is another who is not emotionally grown up. Nothing like his father.
I am tending to the water and haven’t done much with it yet so must be closing.

I feel content with the thot that you are doing well, or you would not be where you are. I am always so very thankful for my children. They have given me nothing to worry over much so far, and ever pray the Lord will keep them in that straight path. Our best love & wishes for your continued success and soon a safe journey home to us all again.

Lovingly Mother 

Note: My scanner won't accurately scan these letters, so I'll complete them this way.


  1. I just got caught up on your last 3 posts. Your pictures are lovely. We did have a great visit at the Morgan gathering. Thanks for your efforts. Sometimes I wounder what Grandma Bessie would think if she saw Randolph today. My mother voiced much the same thoughts about me when I got home from my mission as Grandma wrote about Aunt Winnie's return to Randolph. You are right, it is a very peaceful place.

  2. Thank you Flora Lee for your comments. I always welcome your insights. You know Randolph best.