Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bessie Morgan Rex. Letters to Harold. Mid August 1938. Mid June 1938

Bessie's sons: Maeser, Morgan, Harold.

The following pages are from two different undated letters. Readers might imagine how they fit in.

[undated, mid] August, 1938

My dear boy,

Here it is near the end of the letters I shall write to Brazil and I am sending a mere note. My it seems there is so much to do. The R.S. is putting on a program Sunday & I am held responsible for it. Then I put up beans and beets this week. I hope Winnie has told you all the news. She is a dear. We are going to wash today and it is getting late now. It was so cold last night. Nearly everything has frozen. This has been a poor season.

Time is moving slowly now. I do hope you are home by Thanksgiving. My wont we celebrate.

Am sending you David Kennedy’s address and Vash Young’s. Now I want you to be sure and call on Vash. He will be an inspiration to you. He gave me a very urgent invitation for me and my family if we were ever in N.Y. to call on him, so please put this address where you wont lose it. David would tell you a lot about Wash. Steve K. is there also. Well, I’ll write a long one next week. Your letters are scarcer now, but then I’ll soon have you here so, Auf Viedersehem Mother

2nd page of an undated June 1938 letter

By all means go down to Washington. I’ll get David Kennedy’s address for you. He can tell you about what chances you would have there. Young Steve Kennedy is there with him now. I’m sure he could help you.

What has changed your mind about school. Why the U of U. I’m not so keen about it, but then, you have been on a mission, and I wouldn’t worry so much about you.

Received a grand letter from Helen last night too. She is such a dear. Am enclosing newspaper clippings of Winnie’s graduation. It is a beautiful morning. But it has been quite cold. The gardens are slow but, it usually is like this the first part of June.

Am feeling so much better. I think the sunshine I am getting is helping. Am going to close this and get it off, only see your father once a week. He is wrapped up in that B. Q. We will get your money off around the first of August. Now please don’t write and say never mind then. We all send our very best love, and wishes for your success and happiness.

Lovingly, Mother

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