Saturday, January 3, 2015

Susan's early RESOLUTIONS!

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Susan Frazier was a great goal setter. She is pictured here May 24, 1989 with good friend Finnette Walker Shupe and mother Mrs. Walker upon completion of Susan's masters degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health.

From Susan's journal: Her twenty-five-year-old goal list follows,

1976--I’ll list my goals. I have from attending Education Week:
  1. Memorize Articles of Faith
  2. Attend Temple weekly
  3. Attend genealogy library weekly
  4. Have good thoughts
  5. Don’t gossip
My Reading Goal List:
1976—New Testament Commentary ( first 4,000 years)
1977 Church History--comprehensive
1978 Journal of Discourses
Others: Gospel Doctrine
Doctrines of Salvation
James R. Clark’s collection
Biographies: Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, Lorenzo Snow. Heber c. Kimball
I need to get a list of classics I want to read.

My next 5 years
(25) 1976-77    256-356
(26) 1977-78   406-456 work-ICU
(27) 1978-79   ICU-Israel
(28) 1979-80   Guatemala
(29) 1980-81   India 

1976--The day after Christmas—yesterday I worked but we had a nice party and then we watched Camelot. I’ve been thinking about my goals for 1977. two of them will be:
1)      Standard works
2)      Documentary History
3)      Comprehensive History
4)      Memorize and sing songs while I’m driving. Scriptures, too
5)      Mon. genealogy
6)      Thurs. – Temple

I really enjoy working as a GN. I hope I pass my state boards!!

1977--Well here goes with my 1977 resolutions: (I don’t want school to start again, oh well …)

  1. Read Standards works, DHC, CHC
  2. Temple - Thursday night
  3. Genealogy – Monday morning
  4. Perfect thoughts (pray continually)
  5. Memorize songs, hymns, scriptures
  6. Missionary emphasis
  7. Charity, service
  8. Weekly journal set goal entries 
1977--Goals Spring Summer
  1. Daily (morn-night) communication
  2. daily scripture reading
  3. weekly [bi-weekly added] genealogy, temple, exercise (bike x1, spa x3, walk x3)
  4. Daily novel reading
  5. Weekly journal writing
  6. Weekly charity (letter, visit, Janet, nieces)
  7. Weekly evaluation 
Perfect in
  1. physical fitness
  2. appetite
  3. dance
  4. thought control
  5. early rising-scripture reading 
1978 worked in Monument Valley as registered nurse

1979 studied abroad in Israel

I think I should make some goals for my stay here:
1)  Come to know Christ better
2)  Finish Old Testament
3)  Good thoughts
4)  Deeds of Service daily
5) Control of appetite
a) swim daily
b) no bread or potatoes, milkshakes or ice cream
6) Finding out Lord’s will in my life 

Picture of Susan holding niece Natalie at Lava Hot Springs family reunion 2001.


  1. Yes, she certainly was a goal setter. I pale in comparison. I love these pictures.

  2. Thank you for your comment Flora Lee. Little did I realize when I posted this that it is I who needs motivating to set some worthy goals for 2015.