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John Morgan at October 1887 conference in Tennessee.

Mount Olivete Cemetery
 approximately seven miles from Nashville, Tennessee
 picture from Wikipedia, November 2005

Yesterday’s Amateur Mormon Historian’s post was of interest to me. The conference Bruce wrote about occurred in the midst of the following John Morgan 1887 Southern States’ Missionary posts. 


His map of the railways bordering the Middle Tennessee Conference is equally intriguing and illustrates John Morgan's use of the railways during his travel there.

From Chattanooga, Tennessee, Mission President John Morgan recorded in his journal:

October 7, 1887 — Made preparation during the morning and at 1:35 p.m. left for Murfreesboro over N.C. and St. L. Railroad to attend the East Tennessee conference.

At Decherd, met Elder E. S. Wright.  At Murfreesboro, met Elder H. K. Perkins and accompanied him to brother William Burks, four miles out at the Labanon pike [about seven miles from Nashville, Tennessee].  Arrived at 7:30 p.m. where we stayed tonight.

October 8 — After an early breakfast, started for the conference, fourteen miles distant. Arrived at 8 a.m. at Miss Simmons where we met all the Elders laboring in the East Tennessee Conference. Held Council meeting and at 10 a.m. met in Conference with a fair attendance. Had a dinner under the shade of the tree, and met again at 2 p.m.  A good spirit manifest. After meeting, held another council.

October 9 — Stayed at Mrs. Simmons last night. Held council at 8 a.m. and met in council [council was crossed out of typed journal transcript and conference written in its place] at 10 a.m. and increased attendance, and a good spirit manifested. Had lunch and held council between 12 and 2. Had another good meeting, after which Elder Wright and myself bid the Elders and saints goodbye and accompanied Brother Halfaen home. During the Conference the East Tennessee conference was divided and Elder  S. H. Head [Samuel Hugh Head  served SS Mission January 24, 1886 -  unknown release date]  was appointed to preside over the East half.

October  10 — Started at 5:30 a.m. for Lebanon and at 7 a.m. took train for Nashville, arriving at 8. Visited the Capitol Bridge Market, Vanderbilt, Penetentiary, [sic. penitentiary] and other points of interest about the city. At night attended the Theatre, Vendome, Keene in Marc Anthony.

John Hamilton Morgan journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah  

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