Saturday, October 24, 2015

Elizabeth Thompson Groesbeck journal ... then I went to my sewing ... Part 3.

Joseph Smith Groesbeck was born December 18, 1864

Samuel Smith Groesbeck was born July 14, 1860

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July, 1875, Wednesday 14th had a good deal of werk on hand as it was the Berthday of John and Samuel [John [26] and Samuel [15] and I wanted them to eat supper at home and so they did   I sent for Mellie and her Husband   Brother and Sister White …
August 1875, Tuesday 3rd cut my rapper and prity near mad it  Sister [Harriet] White cum down  she felt very poorly  I baitherd her faice with cumfeur   so she felt better… said I shold  have my reward but I told her I get it every day    we talked about the goodeness of hour hevenly Father to ward his children … 

August 1875, Sunday 8th looked to the mornings work then drest and laid down for a littel while but had not laid but afew minets when Josefine cum and asked me if I wold like to see Brother Heaton   I rose and went in to see him   he wanted to see Brother [John] White   I tuck him up to see him I  stopt about four hours  herd Brother White relate sum of his expearence which was very interesting to me …
Monday 9th helpt with the washing in the four noon then I cut out a pair of pillow slips fer Sister f White   maide them and tuck them to her
Tuesday 10th attended to the work in the morning  Mellie cum over  cut out my duster and I worked on it the rest of the day
Wednesday 11th after breckfast Josephine and me went to the store  got sum print fer cumfirts  in the after noon I maid the cape of my duster and visited with Sister [Harriet] White                                                                                         
Thursday 12th at home all day   worked sum on my duster   sister White cum down to spend a littel while with us … 

[December 1875] Monday 6th I helpt to wash and worked on Brother Whites garments

Tuesday 7th maid Rosenia [Rosena Lemon] a cloak  started her to school

Wednesday 8th finished John Whites drawers and went to the store  bot sum dishes and abuten [a button] for Hyrum
Thursday 9th went around the Block in the four noon and attended the Society in the afternoon …

Elizabeth made only six journal entries during the entire year of 1876 and she did not mention Harriett White in any of them.
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  1. She took such good care of her children and was always sewing something it seems. I have loved getting to know her through her journal.

  2. Thank you Flora Lee. Having access to this great grandmother's journal is such a blessing.