Sunday, October 4, 2015

Nicholas Groesbeck purchased a corral and horse stables in Salt Lake in 1861.

Nicholas Groesbeck (1819-1884)

Amy at the Ancestor Files has been researching Wills and Probate and gave us a link to Ancestry's new collection. She is using it to gather information for several projects. In the midst of her work she located the following document and knew I would be interested. Thank you Amy.

The tedium and discipline necessary to work my way through the document evidences her skill and patience in gathering facts from this kind of record. It contributes to more than one fascinating story.

It seems my great great grandfather Nicholas Groesbeck stepped in and purchased a mortgaged coral [corral] and horse stables in Salt Lake following the 1860 misfortune of two Salt Lake business men. Thomas S. William and Palmanio A. Jackman mortgaged their properties for a venture to California where they were killed by Indians. The following year N. Groesbeck paid $1238.31 for their mortgage and interest, "in which is included one hundred dollars which I hereby agree to pay to the widows of the said William & Jackman part in gear and part in flour as they may severely need the same."  He also agreed to pay their delinquent taxes. 

This is an example of one way Nicholas Groesbeck acquired real estate in the 1860's.

William descendants include an account of this unfortunate incident on their grandmother's find a grave memorial.  

Utah State Archives Series 1621 Case 67 P A Jackman Probate 


  1. So nice to see you blogging again. This is very interesting.
    Yes, Amy has a lot of skill and patience.

  2. Thank you, Flora Lee. It is very interesting and I appreciate Amy's generosity.