Saturday, February 13, 2016

Uncle Tommy Hamilton -- Another Ripe Sheaf Gathered In.

Uncle Tommy appears to be the brother, Thomas, mentioned in these Hamilton obituaries. All of them older siblings to Robert Marshall Hamilton. 

Uncle Tommy Hamilton, so long of Kingston and Sandcreek church, took up his abode in that better country on last Wednesday evening. The time of his departure was at the setting of the sun, when the shades of evening were drawing their curtains closely down. It was a befitting time for a glorified spirit to be welcomed into that land of eternal day, that land we have so often heard him talk and pray about in bygone days. He was one of the purest of earth, and lived and died without an enemy. He lived his full four-score years, being 82 at the time of his death. He came to this country about the year 1825, was one of the founders, or charter members, of the Sandcreek (now Kingston) church, was ordained an elder in 1830, and remained in that position over 50 years, until the Master said “Come up higher,” We think we can see many of those of the old Sandcreek church, who have gone before, welcoming him on his arrival. Uncle Tommy was always a welcome visitor to their homes while here below, and we have no doubt they all hailed with delight his coming to dwell with them in that Heavenly home.

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