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Elizabeth Thompson Groesbeck. 1878-1882.

A 1951 gift from my cousins.

Elizabeth Thompson Groesbeck’s life story is continued from this 1872 visit to her father.

The first Primary was organized in 1878 by Aurelia Spencer Rogers in Farmington, Utah.  She felt younger boys in the community were becoming unruly and mischievous. In her first primary meeting, “boys were specifically taught not to steal fruit from orchards and girls were taught not to hang on wagons.” With permission from church leaders and under the initial direction of General Relief Society President Eliza R. Snow, a primary was organized in the 17th Ward.

30 November 1878
At a special meeting held in the seventeenth Ward meeting house on this date, a Primary Association was organized by Sister Eliza R. Snow with the following named officers.

President:  Elizabeth Groesbeck
1st Counselor:  Clarissa S. Williams
2nd Counselor:  Sarah H. Burbidge
Secretary:  Edith Smith
Treasurer:  Rosena Lemon

No history available for 1879

20 June 1880
Pres. Groesbeck resigned and the Primary Association was reorganized at this time, Sister Eliza R. Snow being present, as follows,

President:  Serepta M. Heywood
1st Counselor:  Lavina T. Clayton
2nd Counselor:  Lucretia L. Heywood
3rd Counselor: Minnie Felt
Secretary:  Elizabeth Smith
Treasurer:  Rosena Lemon

Elizabeth Thompson Groesbeck was then called to assist Sister Eliza R. Snow at the new Deseret Hospital.

In 1882 when a woman’s hospital became a reality in Utah, the Deseret Hospital was established on August 1, 1882. Eliza R. Snow was president of the Deseret Hospital Association and Zina D. young, vice president.  Elizabeth Groesbeck was listed as one of a ten member finance committee.

Church History Library, Primary Association Minutes and Records, Seventeenth Ward, Salt Lake Stake, Microfilm,  LR 8240 18. Our Pioneer Heritage Vol. 6, compiled by Kate B. Carter, 1963, Daughters of Utah Pioneers, “Pioneer Women Doctors, ‘The Deseret Hospital,’ ” Pgs 413-414.

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