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Bessie Morgan Rex - letter written March 25, 1936.

Maeser and Flora Rex about 1941.

The next of the letters Bessie Morgan Rex wrote to her son Harold while he served a mission in Brazil.
Randolph, Utah
March 25, 1936

My dear son [Harold],
Here it is 5 in the after-noon and I have been going to write all afternoon. Tonight is the missionary pic-ture show, so I cannot write it then. I must hurry. Let me see, I suppose that within the next 24 to 36 hours, you will feel the good earth again. I wonder if you will be glad. We are sending $25 to the church office in the morning. Hope you received the other 20$. We will send it down to be sent on the first from now on.

Would you like something to cool you off. The snowbank out in front of the house that they shovelled [sic] to get the big gate open is still about three feet in the air. It has stayed quite cold and the meadows are still covered with snow. Last Sunday was stake conference. It was held in Evanston again, on account of the condition of our buildings.

I shall have to write on both sides to save postage. Daddy & Helen went up. Of course a little girl [Clara] grabbed daddy & took him right up there. He said there was a big picture of a good looking guy on the bookcase. Am glad you got your fountain pen back. The bishopric is trying to get this repair & building job going. It is hard. People haven’t enough community pride & they are so afraid it will take a penny out of their pockets. I hope we can keep you there ourselves. Money seems to come some way. Daddy’s loan has just been approved. He is very glad & thankful. Town [Randolph] news? There isn’t much worth while. Vella S. [Smith] Kennedy has a baby boy next door. I think we told you Mary & Francis [Frazier] were married. I simply don’t get the gossip. I’ll tell you what Flora said. Max A. [Argyle] spoke to them in Primary. She said it was a grand “spoke” too. She wishes Maeser would be more “kindly.” Maeser and Morgan still go the rounds and Maeser wishes his big brother were here to deal the middle sized brother a little misery. Well I wasn’t going to write any at night, but it must be or I

[That ends the letter. Sadly the next or final page is missing.]  

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