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Bessie Morgan Rex - letter written March 31, 1936.

Horse drawn sleigh in front of Percy Harold Rex Randolph home.
Randolph, Utah
March 31, 1936
Your big sis’s birthday

My dear wandering boy,
Another week means another letter and it seems so strange to be writing letters to someone who doesn’t answer to give me something to write about. Well, we just received a letter from that dear girl [Winnie] in Salt Lake. She says she writes to you every week, but will soon run out of gab if she doesn’t get an answer. She writes the nicest letters. She sent a birthday card to Helen. She is a dear. 4 “shes” in a row. I am sitting by the kitchen stove watching a fruit cake. Have a piece? And now let me tell you it has snowed about 18 ins. Of good wet snow since Sunday. Are we wet. Maybe we’ll drown this summer. The roads are nearly blocked. Skies are still gray, but it has stopped for a few minutes. Dear, dear, how slow I am. Two days have passed & I am holding up the family’s budget of letters to you
So I must finish this and get it in the mail. It is a beautiful wintry spring day today. Snow 3 ft deep in places, but I believe the sun has made an impression on it. Spring must soon come – or else –

I just read a piece in an old Era about Brazil. I’m wondering what you are thinking of it. Black beans and corn bread don’t sound very good to me. Hope you fare better than that. The picture of the chapel at Joinville is quite nice. I do hope you don’t have to go native but then, you are not there for personal gain, and I suppose there are people there who must hear the Gospel.

Yesterday I saw the nicest girl at Mary McK. Tingey’s shower. She was with her Mother. Oh yes—they came from Evanston. Don’t you wish you had been in my book?

We are hoping they will soon get started fixing the meeting house and building a new amusement hall but so many are kicking about it.

I must tell you, you are a poor trader. That other black & white calf died. We are paying for dead horses

Helen and Harold Rex with their 4H calves in perhaps 1934-36. 
I don't know who the boy in the rear is. Is
 it Morgan?
Or calves, I should say, yet. Oh, yes & I hope you learn that banks aren’t in business as a charity organization. Morrell Booth presented daddy with a bum check signed by a certain H.M.[Harold Morgan] Rex. You are some boy & if you were here I should give you—well you know—just one good old scolding.

Charles Stacy brought Mrs. Burdett & the girls down yesterday & they had to get out and shovel snow. Isn’t that the limit the first of April.

Well if I write too much I shall have to put on an extra stamp, so I mustn’t do that. Hope you have received your money all right.

Next Sunday is conference in S.L. [Salt Lake] We are going to listen right here. I don’t suppose the mission president from there comes to conference, does he. I heard Bob Wamsley had been right in the flood area. It has been so terrible & today they said there had been a bad storm in Georgia that had

Killed fifty people and had done a million dollars damage. I read the 24th Chap. Of Matthew the other night. The prophecies are surely coming true.

My washing is out waving on the line & I must bring some of it in. It is nearly five p.m. and supper to get. Poor old Tenet, I’m afraid, is doomed. She doesn’t get better. Flora is playing with Eloise. She was to come home at 3:30 but if she had I should have fainted.

Make the best kind of use of your time. Are you learning German? Let it help you with your English grammar. Do study that—and spelling. Don’t be afraid to look up a word. I want to see plenty of improvement in two years. Are you quite sophisticated yet for rubbing shoulders with the world? I surely hope it does you much good. I also hope you are enjoying a missionary’s life by now and that you make a real one. It will mean so much more to you if you do really enjoy it. We all send love and kisses and prayers for the Lord to be with you always. We are anxiously waiting for a letter from the Land of the Southern Cross.
Lovingly Mother 

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  1. lol...I was thinking the other day about how I wouldn't come in when mom called me and once I got spanked for IT! Glad to know I came by it from her:)