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Bessie Morgan Rex - letter December 21, 1936.

Bessie Morgan Rex, 1936.

Randolph, Utah
Dec. 21, 1936

My dear,
Our shortest & your longest day of the year, isn’t it? Hope your day is as moderate with heat as ours is with cold. It is quite a lovely day. Just three more & then Xmas. It took Helen the whole day yesterday to fix Glenn’s & Winnie’s boxes. Of course she made popcorn balls & candy & wrapped each present up so. I only wish we could send you one. She went to Evanston Sat. & saw Clara. Clara was to meet Elder Hunger yesterday morning. We are waiting for a card from her now. Helen & I are sending her some hdkfs [presumably handkerchiefs].

The kids are home from college. Daddy heard Alto telling Arch he had to study much harder at the B.Y. than at A.C. he likes it very much tho’.

Received a picture of Wayne for Xmas. He is rather thin I think.

We have painted Flora’s cabinet & it is surely cute. Morg. Is making Winnie a small cedar chest, just for handkerchiefs. He does well with wood work.

The building is nearing completion. It will be very fine, but I’m afraid rather expensive to run. It is so large. Allen Hatch is home now.

A large airliner went down last Tue. Somewhere in Southern Utah. They haven’t found it yet. 7 people on board.
These are strange times. So much happening. And we get word of everything so quickly.

Does Winnie tell you of her experiences in the hospital. She has some great ones.

Oh my dear, your mother is the limit. Here it is the day before Xmas & this letter isn’t off. Hopeless, I am. Well I’ll get this off this morning. Xmas eve, and what an air there is around this house. Flora is on her toes. She wants to make a present for everybody. Maeser just doubles into a knot when we start talking about what he is going to get. “On hushes don’t talk about it” he will say.

Helen is rather sad. She hasn’t heard from Glen very often, & she is afraid he is having rough sledding.

We talked to Winnie night before last. Bro. Hunger was going out to see her yesterday.
The Bishopric distributed about 30 baskets yesterday. I think everybody will have a nice Xmas. I’m surely hoping somebody is kind to my boy below the equator. We found it would cost 50 [cents] a word to send you a telegram. The money comes in better doesn’t it.

Rec’d a card from Bro. & Sis. Burdett yesterday. You mustn’t feel so hard toward Clara & remember she is a little bashful. She was thrilled to think she was going to meet Elder Hunter. She is a lovely girl, I think.

Rec’d greetings [see below] from Vash Young. Remember me telling you about him. He is a millionaire insurance man, author & old friend of mine. Hm. – with a slight cough.

I must send Winnie a line. Morgan made her a little cedar box, & it is late so must tell her about it. Helen has a beautiful cedar chest.

Well my dear, I have a big day ahead. I think Xmas is going to be a merry one, & you may be sure you will be in our thoughts. Love & best wishes from all, and may the Lord bless & help you.

Lovingly, Mother

Everybody is singing Stille Nach, Heilige Nacht.

Letter from Vash Young is from Bessie's scrapbook.

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