Sunday, July 22, 2012

Helen and Winnie Rex reaped President George Albert Smith's promised blessing.

Helen and Winnie Rex, Randolph, Utah, 1936.

I read a statement from last week's Relief Society lesson from the Teachings of President George Albert Smith that was very familiar and reminded me of the P. H. and Bessie Morgan Rex family of Randolph, Utah, and some of their letters that I've been posting here.

The following statement from "Doing Our Part to Share the Gospel," pages 141-142 (1935 conference report) reminded me of the Rex's support of their missionary son Harold during his 1936-1938 mission to Brazil. Daughters Helen and Winnie contributed a portion of their salaries to their brother's support in the mission field. There is no doubt they reaped the promised blessing.

"A plea has been made ... that we send our sons and daughters into the mission field. ... It has been a joy to me to see men and women economize and plan in order that their children may go into the world. Within the last few weeks a young man ... left to go into the mission field, and his two sisters ... are sending him part of their small salaries that he may enjoy the blessing of a mission. He is the first of a large family of children to go into the mission field to disseminate the truth. ... I know the joy that will come into the hearts of those two fine women who have faith to give their means to their brother in order that he may serve the Lord in the field. They will receive the blessing that comes from teaching the Gospel, as far as it is possible to receive it without personal service."

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