Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Frank Frazier's journal account. The week of July 24, 1947. Woodruff, Utah.

Grandpa Frank Union Frazier's 1947 Diary/Journal is explained in this earlier post and his biography begins here.

I turned back to the journal yesterday to see how Grandpa Frazier, and the Frazier's in Woodruff, Utah, celebrated Pioneer Day in 1947. This post included Grandma Frazier's birthday that year.

Tuesday, July 22, 1947 
Emily Birthday – 61 years old – we all went up to Delora for supper – Gordon – Aunt Maud came their after supper – Elmer – boys went to show – rain today Arthor I put a bridge across the little creek.

Wednesday, July 23, 1947
204th day – 161 days follow
May – Gordon – Maudis came down and stayed all night it was good to see them we finished with the hay on the 4th Island we finished Mowing up in the West field.

Thursday, July 24, 1947
The folks went home this morning. I think they are going to Salt Lake today. Charley V. work in the hay field today – Bruce, Delora, Frankie, Sherley, Mark, went to Ogden to the Rodeo –

Friday, July 25, 1947
Had quite a lot of breake down push rake teeth and the derrick, but we put up quite a lot of hay – Elmer started to mow the big flat below the house – Mary – Harvey brought the boy in last night, he is going to be a fine boy – red hair –

Saturday, July 26, 1947
Fixed up both push rakes and fixed derrick – but finished the field up about the barn
Jim McClure and a Mr. Jensen came to see us –

Sunday, July 27, 1947
The old gan[g] went up to Montie Cristo for the day – had dinner.
Their was Marsh, Lyla, Jake [Rufi], Lottie [Rufi], Albert, Effie, Joshua [Ashton], Sophia [Ashton], Frank, Emily, Aunt Annie [Frazier], Shelby, Lavier, Neville   

As for my group of descendants, we're headed to the parade here in Salt Lake City, with fond memories of earlier gatherings.      


  1. That was fun! So I am just realizing you must doubly related to Harv and Mary Rufi?

  2. Yes, I'm related to the Rex's on my mother's side and the Rufi's on my father's side. That's what you get when you come from Woodruff and Randolph, Utah.

    Have you any idea of the last names for Albert and Effie and Marsh and Lyla? The two other couples Grandpa Frazier identified as part of the "Gang" that went to Montie Cristo that Sunday sixty-five years ago.