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Bessie Morgan Rex - 1937 letter written after January 11.

Helen and Harold with 4-H calves in about 1936

 The most recent letter posted in this series is here.

Randolph, Utah

Sunday afternoon [after January 11, 1937]

My dear missionary,
I cant keep up with time, certainly. You tell us in nearly every letter, you have not heard from us that week. My dear, I can’t understand. Seems to me I spend quite a bit of time between my two wanderers—and here Winnie has gone this week without one, but she is coming home next weekend. Drop in too, wont you. [I enjoy Grandma Bessie’s tender playfulness.]

Received your letter with the Xmas card from Mrs. Duke. I was certainly pleased to receive it. Please tell her thanks very much, and I am so glad you are with such a nice family, and that they take such an interest in you. Do everything you can to show your appreciation, and also ours, for it surely helps out to know you are in a good home.

Yes, another milestone [birthdate January 11, 1891] I have passed. Received your very nice letter, my dear, also a card from Winnie. Helen & Winnie gave me

 A lovely scarf & Helen gave me some pans. It has been very cold 40 below, but has moderated the last day or two. Quite a blizzard on today however, so I didn’t go to church. Have had the flu I guess, but am better now.

Helen is studying her Mutual lesson & I am studying my R. Society lesson. The new building is practically finished, but I haven’t been down. Daddy says it is beautiful Tho’. Fri. night is the opening dance. Two orchestras. Helen is a lonesome widow, but Glen is doing fine in Cal. & so I suppose it wont be long before --- we’ll lose our girl. Morgan really looks bad but I am feeding him up—I suppose he has told you all about Ogden.

So many things are happening here, we watch for news continually. Airplane crashes, kidnapping, strikes, it fills one’s heart with terror. But I suppose these things are all to come to us.

I smile when you say you walk with your chin in the air. My dear, I cant feature you walking otherwise. You know we always did kid you about that certain air you have.
 Certainly, I hope you keep it. Do hope you get your things from Elder Stevenson. We will get some shirts for you if we can & send them with some missionary. Will write Winnie today & find out. It is an unearthly long time getting them down there.

I stopped writing yesterday & now I must hurry with this. Hope Morgan gave you a lot of news. I am not much good at it. Daddy is doing chores. Maeser isn’t much good in the morning & Morgan still feels under the weather.

My brain doesn’t seem to function yet this morning & so I’m dumb. Glen & Ruby are in their new home, but I fear Glen won’t want to stay here long. He has been taking the same course as Glenn F.  [Frazier] & he keeps asking Helen how Glenn is coming. I don’t blame him for want to get out. There is nothing here for a young fellow.

Ben chases to S. L. now for a nurse. He may bring her up to the opening dance & Winnie can come up with him. Ben will have to change his occupation, I’m afraid, if he gets his nurse. 

The electrician from Evanston, who has been doing the work on the building has been fixing our lights all up. I mean switches. I do so want some new lights. Well maybe I’ll get some.

Well, my dear, I have a letter to write to the bank, to send Morg’s & Maeser’s calf money up. They are pretty smart. You would die to hear Maeser tell his experiences.

Again, before I close, be sure to thank Mrs. Duke for her very kind remembrance. It was so nice of her. If I just knew my German, I would write to her. Did I tell you we decided you elders looked like you were ready for treasure island in your picture.

We have decided we won’t grow orchids here, but I should surely like to see one.
Helen says she will write in the middle of the week.

I know the Lord is watching over you, and I know he is helping to keep you there. It is strange how we always have some to send you & we don’t bother the ward.

Love & kisses from every one & a special big hug from me. It seems long to look ahead, but this year has gone fast.

Lovingly, Mother

[Note from NFS: Glen Hobert Rext was born to William Thomas and Agnes Amelia Hellstrom Rex on December 17, 1905 in Randolph, Utah. He married Ruby Probst (1907-1999). Glen died March 14, 1979.]                             


  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I hope the format of your letters may be beneficial to people.

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  2. What a fun picture for Rich County fair time and the 100 aniversary of 4-H. The first year Rich County had 4-H was 1932.

  3. Rich County Fair Time! Thank you Flora Lee for the added information--and the 100th Anniversary of 4-H! I know my mother [Helen] competed by raising livestock as a girl, and according to her mother's letters her brothers did also. I hadn't realized this picture was probably from a fair competition. Thanks for clarifying again--I continue to learn much from Grandma Bessie's letters--and your knowledge of Randolph.

    Bessie Morgan Rex's letters continue to tell her family's history.