Sunday, August 19, 2012

1930 SRHS Junior Prom - When Helen met Glenn.

Dance Program from Helen Rex's Scrapbook

Glenn Frazier met Helen Rex while she was still in high school. They each told their descendants the same story. They met at a South Rich High School dance--in those days everyone went. 

After sharing a few dances Glenn asked Helen if he could take her home. She said, “no,” and explained that she’d return home with the person who brought her to the dance—her father. The Rex home was nearby in Randolph, it was just down the street from South Rich High School, the Church, the old Opera House, and almost everything else in town.

Glenn Frazier’s family lived ten miles south of Randolph in Woodruff, Utah.

The Rex and Frazier families were some of the early 1870 Rich County settlers and each family helped settle their respective town; Randolph and Woodruff.

Both families are represented in this 1929 Rich County Fair Report.

Complete List of Winners at the Second Annual Rich County Fair--September 29, 1929

The Second Annual Rich County Fair and rodeo held at Randolph, Utah, Sept. 24 and 25, under the direction of the County Farm Bureau, was a huge success.

The exhibits of fruits, farm products, livestock and home economics were first class. The display would be a credit to a much larger county than Rich.

Interesting programs were held each morning in the ward chapel. Speakers from the Utah Agricultural College, State Farm Bureau and the State Board of Agriculture gave instructive talks.

The Rodeo held in the afternoon was as fine as any held in the west.

The whole affair showed what real cooperation can do.

Following is a list of the premiums and of those in charge: 

[I list only winners I know belong to my families.]
Saddle Horses--3d., Sam Rex—ribbon.
Mare and Colt--1st A. G. Rex, 1-2--$1.25.
Yearlings--2d., Winnie Rex--$1.00
Boy Pony--2d., Maeser Rex--$1.50.

Dairy Cattle—Holstein
Grade Milking Shorthorns
Cow-1st. prize, P. H. Rex.

Sheep Department
Harry Smith, Judge, Wm. Rees, Supervisor.
Registered Ramboulilet--Ram—1st. Frank Frazier
Lincoln--Ram—1st. and 2d., Frank Frazier
Columbia--Ram—1st. Frank Frazier.

Grade Beef Cattle--Group 3 steers--2d. P. H. Rex

Cake—Mrs. Frank [Emily] Frazier, Woodruff, 50 cents.
Nut Bread—Mrs. Sam [Bess] Rex, Randolph, Utah, 50 cents.

Junior Prom February 28, 1930.

Helen's dance program and note at the bottom, A Wonderful time.

Helen was part of the Junior Class that year.
My guess is this is the dance when Helen first met Glenn!


  1. 1930 was a full Spring for Grandma Bessie. Her oldest daughter met her future husband, however, that's not what Helen wrote about in her autobiography.

    "1930 when I was 17 a special event happened in our family. Flora Elizabeth was born on April 7 1930, one week to the day after my birthday. We were all so happy with her. Her arrival helped my mother through some very trying times—the great depression had started—the bank in Kemmerer went broke and Father lost the ranch on Bear River and most of his livestock."

  2. Thank you Bessie for sharing your mother's thoughts about our mom and our Grandmother.