Monday, December 10, 2012

Bessie Morgan Rex. Unknown day in May 1937 letter.

These Spring 1937 letters explain so many things. Cousin Gail H. gave me this picture of her Grandmother Gail Clayton. It is a picture of Bessie Morgan Rex (L-R) and her sisters Gail Morgan Clayton and Helen Morgan Burt Austin. It was probably taken in front of one of their homes while Bessie was in Salt Lake receiving treatment from Dr. Pyott.

[unknown day in May 1937]

My dear boy,
I had a part of a page typewritten to you & now I cant find it. You didn’t get a letter last week did you.  It was my fault. I was to write. I had been to S.L. [Salt Lake] and came home feeling so much better, but it will take me some months to build up. So it was my slowness, dearie.

It is a beautiful May morn. Daddy has just loaded a 7B milk cow for market. The only one thank goodness.
I told you so much on that piece of paper. I don’t think they are sending missionaries to Brazil any more. None going this time. Your shirts will reach you in time to wear them home.

Clara & her mother & father were in to see me a week ago. It was the music festival. She is a lovely girl. Tonight is the Primary May festival. This is a busy time of year.
I hope you get your money on time this month. Daddy is late

getting it down. It will come, so don’t worry. 

So you get the Reaper? Well there is not much to read. It might keep you in practice with your English. It will be “Pardon my foreign accent.” Will you. Yes? I’m glad it is cooling off there – and warming up here. It has been a long winter. Seems so good to see green grass again. Salt Lake is lovely this time of year. Winnie and I had such a nice time. She is a dear. 
Well, I better close & find that piece of paper. Will write more next time. Am getting stronger & have more ambition. I need it. I went to Dr. Pyott. His is chiropractor dietician & I take no drugs. He has certainly done wonders for me. 
Helen says H. Hunger is going with Ruby’s cousin, a Probst girl.

Keep up your good work my son. I hope you keep the spirit with you when you come home as well as Mearl P. has. He is a fine young man. I know the Lord is helping you. Love & kisses from all of us.
Lovingly Mother
Note: There is a 1946 picture of the Pyott Sanitorian and Clinic at 1213 East 13th South in Salt Lake on the Utah State Historical Society picture database here.

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  1. That is a great picture of 3 sisters. I can see some of each of our 3 mothers in Grandma.
    I also love the picture of our three uncles in their "younger" years.