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Percy Harold (P. H.) Rex. Letter to Harold April 18, 1937.

Picture of the P. H. Rex sons; L-R, Maeser, Morgan, Harold, 1930.

Note: The note across the top of this letter reads: Being chief cook and bottle washer along with going to work is some job. I do think of you lots. Will write a big long letter this week. Love, Helen
Randolph, Utah.
April 18 – 37.
My Dear Boy,
Just another Sunday night and time to start a few more lines to the little Boy down in the South. We are all pretty well up here. We did not get a letter from you last week but the week before we received two. It seems that is the way your letters come lately, every other week  two at a time.
We sure get a jack out of your letters and look forward to the time when we receive them, to know you are well and enjoying your labors, which I hope you do every minute of it.
We took mother to Salt Lake City last Tuesday to the Basic Food Clinic and she is still in the city. He gave her a diet and keep [kept] her there to give her treatments. We had a letter from her last night and she is feeling fine and able to eat better than she has done all winter. They treat her just well at Aunt Gails, but she said she is home sick I wonder if you know what that
is. I hope you never have it very bad.
To think that by the time this reaches you you will have about half of your time behind you, the last half will not seem so long, I hope. But to look back it does not seem so long in a way since we said good bye that morning when the wind was blowing so hard. I don’t think I will ever forget it.
We have spring now but there has not been any farm work done as yet, it is so wet. We are sort of catching up a little on moisture as the ground is so wet, and the snow melting, that it has the river out of its banks, the creeks are all full of water too. It washed out several hundred yards of the railroad over here in Nugget Canyon going to Kemmerer last week, and they had to send there trains by Ogden, but they have it fixed up now.

Helen is here writing to some you can guess very early she is quite thrilled she has her lay off or vacation coming up the 15 of May and is going down to Calif, to see that fellow from Woodruff. We had Sunday school union meeting here today and Miss Burdett was down today. Helen was there and saw her in fact. Miss James came up here with her and say [said] if Ben did not take a fresh notion for her, he is pretty slow, as she sure looked very nice in her new spring outfit.
Last Sunday we had the Evanston choir down to sing for us and the Bishop to speak. We always like to have Harold talk and the choir sing. John Nielson always has them Pretty well trained and timed. They put on an Easter cantata but they don’t seem to have the same kind of music and melody that the good LDS Hymns do--at least to me.

May be mother has told you we were thinking of make [making] a change in the house so we can have an apartment upstairs to rent. We have to parties wanting it now, so this steam Heat is popular  in this cold country. I had better hurry and fill this side of the paper as it is time I was in bed as it is past ten o clock. The boys are going now, Maeser has been asleep on the couch. They are pretty good boys. They have done the work the past two days, as Friday when I came home from Feeding  I felling [fell] and hurt my back so I have been unable to help since. But feel pretty good tonite and hope to be able to get out in the morning and get at the chores, as they have to go to school and I will have to feed the cattle and take care of the milk Cows. Morgan is getting to be quite a man, he has grown quite a little this winter. I will be drawing to a close again asking our Father in heaven to continue his choicest Blessing on you, that you may ever become more of a success in your labors in his work is my Prayer for you, with Love Daddy
[written along the top left side] Excuse the mistakes and pencil.
Note: I added some punctuation to this letter.

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