Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bessie Morgan Rex. May 30, 1937 letter.

Flora Rex Lamborn 1937-38.
At home, Sunday evening.
May 30, 1937.
My very dear boy,
Helen has the typewriter from the office here, and so I shall make good use of it. Her typewriter hasn't come yet, and will I be glad when it does come. Oh, my dear, we do neglect you so. But you see last week, was a mixup. Heln got home from California Monday night, and the Sat. before I had taken Flora up to Evanston to dance, and got all tired out, and so I was simply on the lift all week long. Am feeling very much myself again now though, and shall try to not let it happen very soon again. I suppose you like to hear from this forsaken valley, dont you. I received two letters week before last and then none last week. We did enjoy your last letters so, and we are so glad you are enjoying your work.
It has been raining and snowing today; dark and miserable. A great Memorial Day. But we wont mind the storm. We need it, and nothing is up far enough to be hurt if it should turn cold. The valley does look quite green and pretty right now, and the mosquitoes haven't started yet. The best time of the year here.
Went to church, and Mearl and Helen Kennedy talked. It was to be on Genealogy, but Helen wasn't prepared on that subject. Mearl took the Seminary class down to the Temple a short time ago, and they had a wonderful time. He told us their experiences today.
I called Clara up when I was in Evanston last Saturday. She is working in Central. I didn't go up there tho' as we had taken a room and had the kiddies resting. They were surely cute. Your sister is some tap dancer. You'll see when you come home.
Floyd Kennedy is leaving this year. He didn't get a contract to come back. I am sorry. I wanted her to take music from him. Oh, between Helen getting her English lesson, and Flora trying to write you a letter I am all mixed up. Daddy and the boys have gone to the field to milk. I do hope they wont get too wet. They were soaked this morning. Morgan had a new pair of gray trousers and white shoes to wear today. I think he will surprise you when you get back. He has grown so.
I think Winnie is coming home for the 12th of June, our wedding day. I shall be so glad. She hasn't been up for some time, and I surely get homesick to see the pair of you, but that is all the good it does for you. Well, the time is flying by, when you look back, but an awful long time to look forward. I cant get any inspiration from the weather today. It gives one the blues to look out at gray dripping skies. I always do think of this little verse of Longfellow's.
Be still sad heart, and cease repining.
Behind the clouds the sun is shining.
Thy fate is the common fate of all;
Into each life some rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary.
Well dearly, I just cant think of anything worthwhile. Daddy will put in a few lines, I think, and I know Helen's letter will interest you. Nothing has happened here. So I think I shall close. I get tired sitting on a straight back hard chair. Keep up you good work, and may the Lord's blessings be with you. We are very proud of you, and I surely do hope to see the other two boys go when they are old enough. Love and best wishes from all of us and a good big hug from

Note: Portions of this letter were posted here on August 21, 2009.


  1. Snow for Memorial Day, that is a little discouraging. I have never seen that picture of mother before. I saved me a copy.

  2. I'm caught up again:) Love the letters! A chiropractor and nutritienst....maybe that's were Susan and I got it???

  3. Thank you Nancy and Flora Lee for your comments. Its wonderful discovering where some of our inclinations probably originated.

    The letters help me better understand the pictures in mother's (Helen Rex) scrapbook. I believe her family in Randolph took these pictures to send to Harold--in the mission field, and Helen--in California. The following quote from one of Helen's letters to Harold further explains:

    Helen wrote on Aug 30, 1938, “Harold it would be wonderful if we could all be home for Thanksgiving. We are not certain whether we can or not, but will try very hard.

    “Glenn just finished writing to his folks and he wrote to Flora. She has been writing to us, but because he hasn’t written back she was going to leave his name off the last letter she wrote.

    “She must be some girl. Every little blond girl with curls that I see, sort of makes me homesick for her."

    You can be assured that information and so much more helped me write Helen's biography!