Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bessie Morgan Rex, letter to Harold. 1938 undated January.

"Oh, and does it make me sick to see my boy"

Undated early 1938 letter from Randolph

My dear son,

You wont mind, will you, if I just scratch off a few lines with a pencil. Must get this off to you this morning.
I do hope we hear from you today. We didn’t get one last week, but I thot that a month ago then you were on your way to your new field of labor. I do hope you like it there, and enjoy your work.

Hear from Helen & Winnie every week. Helen is grand down there [Oakland, California]. Think – 130 lbs. that is more than she ever weighted, I think. She found Aunt Lile and her girls. Families do get scattered.

There is a picture of the Joinville R.S. sisters in the Dec. magazine. I don’t suppose you get the magazine. Wish I could send you mine, but I am afraid it would get lost. I do like to keep them. It has so many grand things in it.

You just wont know you are in Randolph Church when you come home. It is all changed so.
Well, we have had no snow & no cold weather so far. I certainly think we will
get some. You see, I am like the old farmers’ wife who said,

“There is a heart, there is a hand we feel but cannot see
We have always been provided for and we shall always be.”

There just isn’t anything of importance around here. We go along in the same old way I guess. Ah last week I wrote a play & we put it on in R.S.

Hope you have written to Helen. She is so eager to hear from you.

I think I better close this. My mind just isn’t perking this morning. Heard “Red Sails in the Sunset” last night on the radio, Oh and does it make me sick to see my boy. I’m afraid as these missionaries start coming home, I’m going to get more impatient about you coming home.

Tell us all about your new home. We all send a bushel of love and surely do pray that the Lord will ever help you in your work.




  1. You are getting really "techy". The song was fun to listen to. I loved the part about how Grandma liked to keep her magazines. Her window on the world perhaps.

  2. Thanks for your comments Flora Lee! So some of us come by wanting to keep our magazines naturally.

    'm far from "techy," just feel strong enough some days to go up a step :-) You're right Flora Lee her radio and her magazines--windows to the world.

  3. What an appropriate song. Thanks for finding it:)

  4. Thanks for your comment Nancy. Grandma Bessie's letters help us better understand her, and this favorite song does also. She would have loved the technology we enjoy.