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John Morgan and Joseph Standing Mission Travels continue. May 6 - 10, 1876.

Wabash River at Covington, Indiana from Wikipedia

(Continued from Joseph Standing's letter to the Deseret News, and from these  prior journal entries.)

Covington, May 6, 1876 – Read and slept during part of the day. Went to town in the afternoon; walked about the street, visited the cemetery. Went to the Court house, started a fire and wrote awhile. Rung the Bell and called the people together to meeting. Had a good attendance and a good feeling manifested. Came out to Shelby’s tonight.

Grange Hall, May 7, 1876 – Wrote a letter to the Danville Times. Came over in Shelby’s buggy to this place. Spoke to a very full house who gave close attention.

Mt. Zion, Indiana, May 8, 1876 - Mr. Wright brought us up to the cross roads, where we got out and walked down toward the river. Mr. Singer overtook us and gave me a letter from Mellie. Walked over to Mr. Jones’. Had dinner and walked over to Mr. William’s, from there to Mr. Gamison’s, then to Mr. Wright’s, where I had supper; then down to Mr. Jones’ where we stay tonight.

Mt. Zion, May 9, 1876 – Took a boat this morning and went out on the water and moved the logs off the land that Joseph had plowed. Went to Widow Maginnis’ and stayed all night. Preached at the log school house to a good audience.

Mt. Zion, May 10, 1876 – Went up the Railroad to Mr. Jas. Johnson’s where I spent the greater portion of the day very pleasantly talking and listening to Miss Dora play the piano. Came down in the afternoon to Mr. Gamison’s, at time for the meeting went down to the school house but found it locked up. Two gentlemen called on the Director to get the key but were refused; in the meantime I commenced service in the woods to quite a large audience who gave close attention. There was a strong spirit of mob violence, but the Lord overruled it for our good. After the meeting a man by the name of Cole came up and tried to cause difficulty, but failed. The efforts of the evil one only made us friends.

(To be continued.)

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