Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bessie Morgan Rex. Letter to Harold June 7, 1938.

Percy Harold Rex's cattle 1920.

Randolph, Utah
June 7, ‘38

My dear boy,

Here I am neglecting you. Dear, last week just vanished before my eyes. However, we received your airmail letter. I waited until Wed. to talk things over with your father. Then everything piled in so thick and fast, I couldn’t keep up. So, Pres. Howell has put it into your head to go to Europe. I think he does that to every missionary. Well, it is out of the question to borrow money, but daddy thinks he can sell a couple of cows, and we will send it the first part of August. It will be a grand trip for you certainly.

My I should have hurried this off shouldn’t I.  I forget about the time it takes. Well figure on going, and I’ll write you more next week. I get to see your father once a week—Sundays. And then he is so busy, it is hard to get a word in.

Summer is coming along fine Gardens are up—mosquitoes are up—Ah yes everything.  Yesterday the boys and Flora and I went up the canyon for shrubs. It is beautiful up there.

Winnies taking her state exams today and tomorrow. I do hope she

doesn’t get too excited. She made a grand little graduate.

Saw young Jack when I was down.  I am surprised at him. It seems to me he is wasting so much good time, just fooling around. Jr. Morgan is to be married this month, and has hardly a job. I am surprised there too. 
Saw a sweet little girl from Evanston Sunday. She was with a good looking fellow. I didn’t know him.

This was to be just a note. Have been up since 4:30 watering the garden. Don’t worry. I shall lie down during the day. The boys are out milking.

I haven’t had time to even read something good this last week. I do feel life wasted when I can’t find some good thot in a week. Flora danced last Sat. night, and I made her costume. My it was work.  She goes to Kemmerer Sat. and later to Evanston. They are good at it. Well dearie I must close. Such an uninspiring letter. I shall try to do better. Must get this off. Dear I wont see you until Xmas now. Well, I guess I can stand it. All send their best love, and prayers for your continued success.

Lovingly, Mother.

Note: Bessie Morgan Rex's youngest daughter Flora danced with other Randolph children in Evanston, Wyoming in 1938. Twelve years later Bessie's oldest daughter Helen returned from California and lived in Woodruff, Utah. She joined other Rich County mothers and took her daughter Bessie to dance lessons in Randolph and Evanston. The Rich County children pictured here are cousins.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bessie Morgan Rex. Letter to Harold, May 10, 1938.

Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier 1938

Randolph, Utah

May 10, 1938
My dear boy,

I waited until after the mail was in to write this letter, hoping of course not expecting, just hoping there might be a letter. Not being selfish tho’ you know, for you see I received a letter Sat. for Mother’s Day. That was lovely & I did enjoy it, but we usually get one on Monday. Well, we didn’t this Mon. so I’ll just have to tell you some news & gossip.

Saturday we received a grand picture of Winnie. A double—one in her uniform and one in her dress. They are lovely. Then yesterday comes one from Helen & Glenn. It is the cutest picture. They both look so fine, and Helen looks five years younger. Of course I am thrilled. I finally have them arranged on the piano, with yours in the middle, but it has taken me all day.

Roy was to be here today. He was released to go to his mother in the hospital, but they said he was coming home. Dottie is still very ill. Not a very happy homecoming for him.

Well, our old cold storm is finally
Harold Morgan Rex 1936-38

clearing off and things are warming up. I’m afraid you will find this a rather bare place when you come back.

Father is down to the B. Q. They are turning the earth over down there. Four tractors plowing. I rather think your father is in his glory.

Winnie graduates this month. I am glad, for her. It has been a long grind I think, but she is a brick.

Oh I wish something exciting would happen, so I would have something to tell you. Life is rather dull right now. Unless this is news. Jim Jackson married Jean Nebeker. Some combination.

School is out in two more weeks.

Morgan graduates from seminary this Sunday. He is a good boy but rather quiet. Not like his older brother, is he.

Here it is the next morning and I haven’t got any body else to send a line with this. I needn’t have written on both sides, but  if the others write it is better. A beautiful morning outside. I hope it keeps it up. Well, my dear I’ll sign off, praying that the Lord will ever help you in your work.

Of course we all send our love, and an extra lot from Mother.

Winnifred Rex Andrus 1938

Monday, February 10, 2014

Bessie Morgan Rex letter to Harold. March 20, 1938.

Randolph, Utah
March 20, 1938

My dear boy,

Sunday afternoon. Conference is over, but I didn’t go. Have been a little under the weather, but Dr. Pyoth will take care of me just fine.

Well, it was Sunday & I thot I would hurry & write right then, but my good intentions fell thro. Guess I am lazy. Am feeling very much better now.

I had so many things I wanted to tell you but I expect your father told you some of them. Have felt so badly since Sun. to think I was not able to have Burdett’s & Fraziers up for dinner. They are always so nice to me. Sis. Burdett came up to see me between meetings and Clara and Glenn came up after meeting. I asked Clara if she heard from you, and she looked rather wistful as she said “Not very often.” Shame on you. Such a lovely girl too. And say, does Glenn treat his sister about right. He is a fine fellow. His mission has improved him. You know he is grown up.  
John Morgan, Percy Harold, Maeser Morgan Rex

They say he spoke fine in conference as did Phil Spencer. Now don’t be so stingy with your letters to Clara.

We haven’t had a letter for two weeks now. Whatever is the delay?  We received an invitation to the Brazilian mission reunion next Sat., but I think we shall wait until you come home. We have Winnie graduating soon & I have been such an expense with capsules money is at a premium.

Daddy has gone to feed to be back in time to work at the court house. He makes 4$ a day there. The boys are doing the chores.

Such a dark & dreary day. But think winter is behind us. How glad I am.

Well, dearie, I must close.

Morgan’s father asked him if it didn’t give him a thrill to hear his big brother’s name read out in the Brazilian mission. We decided it gave Morg’s father a bigger one.

Love & kisses from all

Lovingly Mother

Sunday, February 2, 2014

1935 and 1936 Christmas time offerings from Vash Young.

 Vash Young was an Insurance Salesman. 
Bessie Morgan Rex saved these things he sent her.