Friday, April 25, 2014

Bessie Morgan Rex. Letter to Harold June 22, 1938.

Picture of Winnie Rex, Glenn Frazier, Helen and Flora Rex in about 1936.

Randolph, Utah
June 22, 1938.

My dear son,

Here it is Wednesday and I must get a letter off to you. Three letters a week surely keeps me going. I have left you until the last this week.

Had to write and ask Winnie why she didn’t tell me she came next to highest in the state exams. That is something to crow over—but not Win. Mary Rex came home from Calif. And she came over to tell me how fine Helen and Glenn are coming. She thinks they are a grand couple.

Haven’t had a letter from you this week so far. Saw in the paper that your president has been released. I told your father to be very sure about your money. He said he would be and will get it off the first of August. $150.00. Is that it. Well it will be there before I get an answer to this I guess.

Was talking to the bishop the other night and was surprised at his attitude toward missionaries. Allen Hatch came home with the big head and bishop just barely speaks to him. Of course I hope you have more sense than to let this experience go to your head.

I don’t want you to be too sophisticated nor think Utah isn’t big enough for you. After all, the more we learn, the more we decide that we are just a very small part of this universe. I always think of Milton’s poem when I hear of some person who thinks he is so important. This the last of it.

"God doth not need either man’s work, or his own gifts; who best bear His mild yoke, they serve Him best. His state is kingly. Thousands at His bidding speed, And past o’er land and ocean without rest; They also serve who only stand and wait.”

Allen came in and talked to me the other day & I liked him. I know he is rather conceited tho’. He got a fellowship to a Calif. U. from the A.C. [Utah State Agriculture College] & is going down there next month. He graduated from the A.C. this Spring. I don’t know your idea in wanting to go the Ut [University of Utah]. Is that Pres. Howell’s suggestion? Allen thot you would like either the U or the A.C. spirit better. He went out in Agriculture & says all last year’s graduates have been placed. I hope you think things over well before

Pg 3.
It always looks that way to me too if I get out of the valley overnight.

Tonight is Wayne Argyles & a Putnam girls wedding in Woodruff. All these young people will be married off when you get home. Bishop thot Roy had improved much when he came home the last time. Had gotten over his big head. Are you return missionaries watched.

I believe they are trying to get Alto Dick J. & well I cant remember who now. Anyway they are hunting for those who can keep themselves. Oh Dee Hatch is the other one.
I must be closing now & get the boys’ breakfast. They have been gone since right after five. I think the responsibility placed on them does them good.

When this reaches you, it will be time to send your money I guess. Time is going pretty good now, but when I think Xmas nearly before we see you. Oh dear.

We all send our best love and ever remember in our prayers the dearest missionary (to us anyway) in the field.

Lovingly, Mother

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Bessie Morgan Rex. Letter to Harold June 15, 1938.

Young Maeser and Morgan Rex at Bear River Ranch

Randolph, Utah
June 15, 1938.

My dear boy,

It is 6:30 a.m. I don’t write to you in the morning very often, but I must get your last airmail letter answered, and we went to the show last night. Two boys have been gone to the field for an hour to milk, so I must hurry and get this written and have their breakfast ready for them. They are going to the canyon for some dry wood for us. Aren’t they fine? Best boys ever.

I was a little excited when I got your letter. Your first leg toward home. They laugh at me and tell me to not start standing on one foot yet, especially when I said it might be near Xmas before you got here.

About Europe. Now my dear, we can get your money. It would be an opportunity you wont get again, but say, stick to your decision. If you go it will mean you will have to work harder to get to school. Will $140.00 give you much for a trip. Do the most worthwhile thing. If you can see that school is going to mean so much more, then think well before taking the trip.

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How Grandma Bessie (Bessie Morgan Rex) cherished her sons!  Aren't they fine? Best boys ever.