Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sarah Luella Morgan found!

The lovely elusive Sarah Luella Morgan has finally surfaced. Thanks to internet access of so many records and my increased familiarity with the Garrard Morgan family. 

Recently cousin Karen shared copies of two letters Mary Linton Morgan sent to people in Indiana and Illinois during her search for family information of her deceased husband, John Hamilton Morgan. Her 1925 letter to the Greensburg Indiana newspaper illustrates how far we've come. Morgan's eighty-two year old cousin Woodson Morgan of Peoria, Illinois' response to Mary's 1931 questions led me to Luellie Edison's gravestone in Larimore, Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Sarah Luella Morgan Edison

James Morgan information was posted  here and here.
Leonidos Morgan information was posted here and here.
John Morgan descendant Eliza has located and nicely sourced Garrard Morgan family information in FamilySearch. It's now evident that Garrard Morgan the younger is also known as Jap.

It was cousin Woodson's knowledge and efforts penned below that finally sent me to look in

He wrote: I also know little of Garrard Morgan 5 sons - 1 daughter, Wm, John, Leonidas, James, Jap is Girrard - Louilla. Whether any living I do not know -

I found the two following newspaper articles at once I realized Sarah Louella had married an Edison. Those facts have always been penciled in on one of my mother's pedigree worksheets, however, Edison had been crossed out and changed to Addison. 

Whatever the truth or error of these 1885 newspaper stories, Luella did move to North Dakota with Mr. Marsalius Edison. A quick look for a marriage record in the Bloomington, Illinois area has proved fruitless thus far.

Find-a-grave pictures Luellie Edison's gravestone in Larimore, Grand Forks, North Dakota. Her husband's is there also. 

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