Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bessie Morgan Rex, DUP, Daughter of Utah Pioneer, 1935.

This picture of Bessie Morgan Rex [1891-1938] belonged to her granddaughter, Susan Frazier, and hung in her Bethesda, Maryland home. Susan outbid her cousins at the 1998 Rex Family Reunion auction, and took it home. It is granddaughter Susan B.'s creation. She had a small 5x7 shot enlarged, tinted, fixed, and framed. Then she donated it to the auction. This picture was taken about the time of grandmother Bessie's marriage to grandfather Percy Harold Rex (1912]. She is probably wearing her wedding dress.

Bessie's application for membership in the Society for Daughters of the Utah Pioneers is written her hand. It includes all kinds of information, familiar Randolph, Utah names, and a bit of information about her father, John Morgan, I'd never heard of before.

I do apologize for the bits and pieces of this document (which is in my possession). My scanner could not accommodate the large sheet. Picture from my collection.


  1. Nice post. I did not know that Nicholas Groesbeck was baptized by Hyrum Smith. Pretty Cool. Your scanner does a good job.

  2. Wow. That's a great document. I'd never heard that bit about China.

  3. "On his way to China" was not passed on to my generation. At first I thought there was no way to check on that. But there is someone I will call. Thanks for the comments, Flora Lee and Amy.