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Frazier: #4 Frank Union Frazier, 1947 journal entries concluded.

Concluding excerpts from Frank. U. Frazier, Woodruff Utah, 1947 Journal. [I retained his spelling, capitalization, and punctuation (he frequently leaves the final “t” off of thought, bought, etc.)]

Continued from previous journal entries here.

Sun., Nov 2--Emily, Tom, Claira, I went up to Evanston to Conference. Emily did fine with her part. We got the battery for the radio. Francis brough it.

Mon., Nov 3--We started to plow over creek this Morning. Plowed quit a piece. Sold 5 crossbread Rom Lambs to Kearl Brothers Laketown Utah for $200.00. Emily, Elmer, Verla went to Barbara weden dance to night. I was two tired.

Sat., Nov 8--I Killed ten old hens this Morning and Elmer and I sheared the Ewes that we are sending to heard- Emily, Verla put the hens in the bottles 15. Charley Smith died to day. “Very fine old Man” snowing to day and night.

Tues., Nov 11--Emily, I took the Putnams to Salt Lake for May Putnam Holbrock funeral. It was sure a Hell of a day going snowed all down canyon just got in line.

Fri., Nov 14--Elmer & I went to Evanston and traded our car on a NEW ONE. We got $840 and paid $1076.50 difference. “Plymouth” It snowed to day. We had dinner with Delora.

Thurs., Nov 27--We all had a fine dinner Bruce, Delora, Frankie, Mark, Serlay, Elmer, Verla, Brent, Stephen Kay, Brenda Dee, Emily, Frank U … Very good time togather.

Tues., Dec 9--Elmer, Brent, I went to Almy after wood with Ray Cox’s truck, got a dandy load- going to Mutual tonight.

Thurs., Dec 4--Every body was sure busy on the ranch to day. Electric line men, 4 of them. The ones that is putting it in the houses- 3 – and we cut the sheep out to shear eyes- to take them to dogholler- Elmer and Vern Hopkins tied in the Election.

Sat., Dec 6--We done some work on Bull shed. Aunt Maud, Delora, Mark, come down and had supper with us- Verla, Elmer, Brent went out to Marry, Harvey to a beef steak supper. June calved- a bull calf. Keith Putnam bought the two bull calves.

Tue., Dec 23--We turned the lights on to night. They are sure swell. Can see any wheere in the chichen. Got them in chicken coop also-

Thurs., Dec 25--Little Steve got a rocking horse, Brent a train, Brendy Dee dolls. We all went up to Bruce & Dee and had dinner, also went the rounds down the lane, got home in good time, didn’t get to call up Glenn could not get through.

Tues., Dec 30--Shelby, Fred, Marrioners, Francis, I went to Brigham City to a Land Management Meeting, had a sweel time and good luck. The folks went up to the show, took Aunt Annie, children.
Christmas card is from Grandmother Bessie Morgan Rex's scrapbook, from the 1930's.

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