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B. H. Roberts speaks at Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan’s funeral, 1930, 2 of 2.

[B. H. Roberts continues funeral address:] Now, in relation to Sister Morgan: You have already been told how Sister Morgan comes of an honored, pioneer family. I remember her father, Nicholas Groesbeck, and I remember his wife, Sister Morgan’s mother. She was a quiet, calm, dignified, splendid pioneer queen—no less! And possessed all of those qualities that I have spoken of in regard to Sister Morgan, the daughter. Her heart was ever open, and her hand ever free to give and help those who came in contact with her. They were a splendid Utah pioneer family of the old stock, and honorable, this Groesbeck family; and not only that, but they were alive to the situation as it arose before them. Nicholas Groesbeck laid the foundation for a great financial career and successful business life. No man outstripped him in that; and he struggled with pioneer conditions and circumstances and overcame them. No man possessed greater character than Nicholas Groesbeck. I know him historically as well as personally, and that is my testimony in relation to him.

As for John Morgan—a Prince! A Prince he was. He was like some of the under-ground springs that flow in the earth, and then by and by they crop up to carry out the purposes of God—that was John Morgan. A Prince in the spirit world and princely here.

John Morgan communicated that wonderful spirit that he was possessed of to many. There are hundreds and hundreds of eminent and successful men in Utah today who owe John Morgan a debt of gratitude for what he conferred upon them through his wonderful influence and through his school; and as President of the Southern States Mission. The numbers who were benefited by his influence are unknown, but they go into the hundreds and perhaps the thousands. He made a mighty contribution to the world in his capacity of leadership. And standing by his side, and ever ready to lend a helping hand, was his queen—that honest, direct, frank, lovely wife of wonderful nature—Sister Morgan. That’s how I regard her. As I looked upon her beautiful, refined face this day, clutched by the hand of death—not even death could mar that face, but gave it a new beauty—she was wonderful to me. That was my thought as I looked upon her and it is true.

We have assurance of the life eternal; we are converted to it. You can’t make me believe that God is so unreasonable that he will bring forth such people as Sister Morgan and then destroy them. He doesn’t go to such pains to produce such characters a these—to refine, to elevate, to purify them and then destroy them. He may permit them to suffer, but destroy them—I would as soon expect him to destroy himself. Such people as Brother and Sister Morgan are the kings and queens of God and of the universe.

Now, may God bless this family, everyone of them. I feel, if circumstances and conditions would warrant it, I would like to place my hands upon the heads of these dear sons and daughter and bless them in the name of God, and in commemoration of their noble father. May the Lord bless them and lead them on to ever hold sacred the life of their dear parents, and to emulate their examples, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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