Friday, December 18, 2009

Sanborn: #8 George Benjamin Sanborn and #9 Sarah Jane Smith. Part 4 of 4.

George Benjamin Sanborn, on the left, 1935, after retiring from the Union Pacific Railroad, at the time he was working for the Salt Lake City Streets Department.

Daughter Mary Ann Sanborn was married in 1904 to George Francis Hovey. And daughter Ella married John Kellerher in1910. Son Jennings married Iona Cushing. Bill married his sister Sarah’s widowed niece, Mary Schilling. They had a daughter known as “little Mary.” Joseph traveled to the Philippines. He married and settled there. In 1932 he returned home for a visit.

After retirement from the railroad, George Benjamin went to work for the Salt lake City Streets Department, where he swept streets. He was ninety-one years old when he died on November 7, 1936. He was buried in the Ogden City Cemetery.

At that time Sarah Jane moved to Washington and lived with her daughter, Mary Ann. When she was eighty-four she returned to Salt Lake City to visit her son and daughter-in-law, George Benjamin and Amy Haywood Sanborn. Sarah Jane passed away in their care on January 15, 1940. She too was buried in the Ogden City Cemetery, beside her husband, and sons, John and Henry.

It appears the family never placed a marker on their mother/grandmother's grave. We are going to do that in the Spring. All interested in contributing are invited to contact me at my e-mail address on this blog.

From Marlene Sanborn Silotti histories. I took the picture in the Ogden Cemetery this year.

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