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Rosannah, Susan Walton’s daughter, is sealed to Perrigrine Sessions, February 2, 1846 in Nauvoo. Part 6.

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I took advantage of being able to write to a NFS contributor who disputed Rosannah’s marriage to Perrigrine Sessions. I received a kind note back, with the names of two reference books about Brother Sessions, that do not list Rosannah as one of his wives. Through the afternoon we shared bits of information, concluding it was possible they had married.

Last night she sent me a copy of the following quote from page 94 of the book referenced below.

“Also included in this section is a reference to a Rosan Vergin, who appears to be another wife of Perrigrine. This is verified by a recently discovered note he wrote on November 22, 1878:

"I PG Sessions had sealed to me Rosan Vergin in Nauvoo Hancock Co in Willard Richards Office he being one of the Twelve Apostles Feb 2 1846 Daughter of Susan Walton. in May following I left her in Nauvoo Among Apostates and Mobocrats whare she was persuaded to Marry a Man By the name of Card and one child by him he died and she came and Settled in Woodruff Utah. Oct 23/1878 came to Bountiful stoped to Sylvia's my Sister and sent for me Asked Forgiveness for what she had done and said she had been baptized I told her that I was willing to forgive her and do any thing lawful for her what that was I knew not She returned to her home and died Nov 3/1878 with a cansor in her rite breast was Buried in Woodruff."

Exemplary Elder, The Life and Missionary Diaries of Perrigrine Sessions, 1814-1892, Edited by Donna Toland Smart, BYU Studies and Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for Latter-day Saint History, Provo, Utah. The page I photocopied from the Family History Library, in Salt Lake City, had the book number, but not a date. US/CAN 921.73 Se72sd

Of further interest to me in that book, are five different references to Osgood Vergin. From page 71, May 1843, from Elder Sessions’ Missionary Journal, “… from here I went to the town of Mexico & precht at the Walton schoolhouse ^twise^ where I found a small branch of the Church that brother Jerrymiah. [Jeremiah] Willey (9) had built up and had left them in the care of Elder Ausgood Vergin who I found walking in the truth and the Saints were injoying the gifts and blessings of God the saints numbering about twenty …

The link to Rosannah's gravestone is at the top of this post. Brother Perrigrine specifically dates her passing above as November 3, 1878. Chiseled in her gravestone in the Woodruff Cemetery is 1885. My best guess is her grave stone was done much later than her passing. Perhaps at the same time her mother’s stone was done. They are both in the very same style.

(Samuel & Susan Walton's children's histories are to be continued.)

Quotes' spelling and punctuation is retained. The picture of the New Nauvoo Temple is from Wikipedia. And I thank a new NFS friend who took the time this required, and shared the resource.

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