Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Samuel Augustine Walton, son of Susan Walton. 1842-1929. Part 8.

On the backside of the picture is written:
Continued from here.
Samuel Augustine Walton was three years old in 1845 when he left Mexico, Maine with his family.
b. 7 May 1842, Mexico, Oxford, Maine
p. Samuel Walton and Susan Walton
m. Eliza Catherine Kent
d. February 9, 1929, Auburn, Lincoln, Wyoming
According to New Family Search, Samuel Augustine and his wife had six children. Samuel also came to Woodruff, Utah. He lived there for a time, and his daughter Susan Mae was born there. He later moved his family to Star Valley, Wyoming.
This picture belonged to my father, and a year ago I had no idea who he was, or why my father had kept the picture. Now I understand.
A descendant of Samuel's, through his daughter, Susan Mae, saw this blog and wrote me, looking for history of Susan Walton.
More will follow.

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