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Samuel Walton and Susan Walton Family Histories INDEX.

One wonders if this picture of Susan Peabody Walton was taken before she left Iowa and Kansas, or after arriving in Woodruff, Utah. And how close to 92 years old was she, when this picture of her was taken? It is from my father's picture pedigree chart.

Could she and Samuel have had any idea, when they were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Mexico, Maine in the early 1840's, and determined to gather to Nauvoo, what was ahead for their family?

Two and-a-half months after leaving Maine, Susan was widowed. She probably didn't know that for a long time. By the time it appears she reached Nauvoo, her husband had disappeared, and the Saints they traveled from Maine to join, were evacuating the area.

The following index will hopefully assist you in locating the information I've gathered about their family members and posted on this blog.

Susan Peabody Walton Virgin Walton Houghton
March 28, 1800, Mexico, Maine to
February 10, 1892, Woodruff, Utah

Samuel Walton
About 1802, Paris Maine to
August 24, 1845, Nauvoo, Illinois
Old Nauvoo burial grounds are pictured here.

Their children are:
Virgin born 1817 to Susan Peabody Walton and Mr. Virgin.
Grace born 1824
Hannah born 1826
Benjamin Chaplin born 1830
Samanthy Ann born 1834
Hester Ann born 1837
Elizabeth born 1840
Samuel Augustine born 1842
My great grandparents’ (Stephen Vestal and Elizabeth Walton Frazier's) ranch was Up the Creek, in Woodruff, Utah. The school and church house, being in the village center, are about a mile from the Frazier Ranch. This portion of the town map, from the 1972 book The First 100 Years in Woodruff, shows Susan Walton Houghton’s place, which is marked as #8. Up is to the East, and North is to the Right.

Susan settled in Woodruff, Utah sometime between 1872 and 1875. On the book’s map legend, #8 is Granny Walton’s place.

Samuel Walton and Susan Walton
family history INDEX

Part 1--#19 (Frazier line) Susan Peabody Walton Virgin Walton Houghton 1800-1892.

Part 2--#18 Samuel Walton (Frazier line) #19 Susan Peabody Walton Virgin Walton Houghton.

Part 3--#18 Samuel Walton #19 Susan Walton, The Caravan Divides.

Part 4--The Waltons, Arthur & Martha from Mexico, Maine, arrive in the Salt Lake Valley in 1851.

Part 5--Susan Walton’s children, Benjamin Chaplin [1830-1923] Rosannah Virgin [1817-1885].

Part 6--Rosannah, Susan Walton’s daughter, is sealed to Perrigrine Sessions February 2, 1846 in Nauvoo.

Part 7--Samanthy Ann, Susan’s daughter is called Anna.

Part 8--Samuel Augustine Walton, Son of Susan Walton. 1842-1929.

Part 9--Susan Walton’s daughters, Hester Ann and Elizabeth Frazier.

Part 10--Susan Walton’s daughter, Grace Walton Crain.

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