Friday, May 21, 2010

John Hamilton Morgan is sealed to Mary E. Kilgore.

The earliest mention I can find of a Kilgore in John Morgan’s journal was in July of 1877, near Look Out Mountain, Georgia, where on the 18th he wrote … Came to Mr. Kilgore, who appears to be investigating… Thereafter Kilgore is frequently mentioned in journal entries.

1877 Appears to be written while in Cassandra, Georgia

September 30
At 9 A.M. I baptized: Wm. C. Kilgore, Jas. T. Kilgore and A. H. Mitchell, they were confirmed by Mr. L. [presumably Lisonbee] At 11 Bro. L. preached to a good house full of people who paid close attention. At 3 P.M. I preached to a tolerable fair audience.

1st October – At 12 – M. [presumably John Morgan] baptized Johathan [sic] Road, confirmed by L. [Lisonbee] and Caroline [presumably Wm. C. Kilgore’s wife] Kilgore, confirmed by M. [John Morgan], and immediately after confirmation left for Horton’s Chapel feeling very well on our arrival at Bart Fawcett’s ...

Other early (1877) Southern State's Mission journal entries are posted here and here on this blog.

Nine years later, in 1886, John Morgan’s wife, Mellie, had traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to be with him. Emigrants from the country gathered to Chattanooga to travel west with them. A Sister Kilgore is among them. Additional journal entries from that trip were posted here on this blog.

November 17 
This has been a very busy day and a very inclement one. Rained in torrents a great part of the time. Telegrams and letters came in from every direction giving information of the arrival of the saints at the various stations who are enroute to Chattanooga to join the company leaving for Zion tomorrow. Sister Kilgore and a number of saints came in from the country …

A little over two years later, in 1889, John Morgan stopped in Logan, Utah, on his return to Salt Lake City, from a conference in Franklin, Idaho. He had, by this time, married two plural wives, Annie in 1884, and Mary Ann in 1888.

January 26
took the 8:30 a.m. U. C. train for the north to attend Conference at Franklin, Idaho. Arrived at 3 p.m. and drove from the depot to President George C. Parkinsons. Slept at brother M. F. Cowleys. Extremely cold.

January 27It was 10 degrees below zero this a.m. At 9 a.m. Conference convened. At 10 a.m. a fair attendance. …

January 29It was 21 degrees below zero this morning. … At 12:40 p.m. took train for Logan. Had dinner at brother Fullmers and from there to brother W. C. Kilgores where I spent the afternoon and evening.

January 30Went to the Temple early and at 8:30 a.m. spoke a while to the people. Spent the entire forenoon in the Temple and before leaving had Mary C. Kilgore (dead) sealed to me [NFS Mary E. Kilgore 1857-1880]. Taking the 2 p.m. train, reached home at 6:30 finding all well.

From John Hamilton Morgan Journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah. NFS New Family Search sealing and baptismal dates are in sync with JHM Journal entries. Picture of Logan, Utah Temple from Wikipedia.


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  2. Wonderful work. Thank you for posting this, and also the information about Eliza or Jennie Beason Whipple. It's great to know a little bit about these women who would otherwise just be random names and headstones.