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Building. John Morgan. Aug 6-Sept. 19, 1889.

Continued from here. Manassa, Colorado.

August 6
Assisted in the haying during the day. In the evening held meeting at Richfield and found an opposing spirit among the people. [Note: A hand-drawn map of this part of Colorado is posted here.]

August 7
At work in the hay harvest in the morning. During the day drove with brother Goddard to Hyrum G’s [unknown] ranch, but failed to find it.

August 8
This is the 47th anniversary of my birthday at work in the field and at night had a gathering of friends. Quite a house full and a most agreeable time. Kept up until near midnight.

August 9
Started early with brother Goddard on a trip to the San Juan Stake taking car at Antonito, leaving at 12 o’clock. Passed through a heavy hail storm during the afternoon, arriving at Durango at 9 p.m. and put up at the Blaine House.

August 10
Met brother Baker from Mancos early this morning and at 8 a.m. left for Mancos. Nooned at LaPlata River and after a thirty mile drive arrived at Bishop Geo. Halls where we were kindly cared for by sister Halls.

August 11 For the next month John Morgan was fully immersed in the community and the haying and harvest season. On the 15th, Looking after the hay and met with some of the Directors of the Mexican Colonization and Agricultural Company and adjourned over until tomorrow at 2 p.m. The August 18th quarterly San Luis Stake conference involved travel and meetings throughout the area.

August 22
Plowed the trees out this morning, then drove to Sanford, and attended meeting … On the 23rd, At work at the peas and corn today.

August 24
Pushing the work in the harvest Took Pinckards mower home and rode down the river three miles looking for a pair of horses on the range.

August 25
At home quiet all day. Did not go out to meeting and had a good rest. A number called in during the evening to see if there was anything the matter.

August 26—September 13 John Morgan continued haying, fencing, irrigating, hauling, cutting corn, stacking, meeting, milling, thrashing, shed building, plowing, etc., etc.

September 14
Finished work on the lots and turned the hogs in. Got the team together and started the sulky plow work. Had quite a time with the black mare kicking. Fell very unwell today.

September 15
Confined to the house with rhumatism [sic] and in pain all night …

September 16
Some better today but not able to do anything. Arranged to start to Utah.

… September 19 Had breakfast at Green River, dinner at Provo, and arrived at home [Salt Lake City] at 7 p.m. finding all well. Have been absent since last days of July.

The Sulky Plow is a horse drawn type of plow used in the late 19th century, prior to the introduction of mounted tractor plows. The name comes from the use of a sulky two wheeled cart with the plow mounted below.]

(To be continued.)

Journal entries and picture from John Morgan collection, Marriott Library, Special Collections, University of Utah.

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