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John Morgan building tenement row. Oct 21-Nov 12, 1889. Part four.

Continued from here.

John Morgan appears to follow a pattern throughout the remainder of this year, and the construction of these small rental units. Upon their completion at the end of 1889, he calls them his tenement row. He works daily on the building of these units while he is in the city. He weekly attends Seventies Council Meetings, identifying those in attendance, and some specific council business. He travels on council, Sunday school, school, and community government assignments to outlying settlements several times a week. And he meets on Groesbeck family/company business from time to time.

The first post of this series begins here, and explains the history of John Morgan's present building.)

October 21
Hired some men to move the barn, they worked at it all day. Rained part of the time.

October 22
Finished moving barn today, brick and rock coming in slowly. Wet weather.

October 23
Met in Council at 1 p.m. … quite an amount of business was transacted.

October 24
Commenced fence across back of lot, dug pits for closets.

October 25
At work at fence and other work about the lot.

October 26
Finished up the fence and received $300 of Heath on lots sold him. Paid for brick, pits, etc.

October 27 John Morgan wrote of meetings, travel, conferences, and rain changing to snow.

October 28
A heavy rain set in early this a.m. turning to snow at noon and continuing during the entire day. Brother J. H. [John Henry] Smith called and reported all well in Colorado. Together we visited the Groesbeck Company office and had a talk with Hyrum [Groesbeck] about affairs.

October 29
Still storming. Roads too heavy to do any hauling. Brought building to a standstill and made the roads impassable.

On the 30th he attended [presumably Seventies] council meeting, where quite a large amount of business was attended to, and traveled to Kaysville to attended a political rally with brother Roberts. They spent the night there.

October 31 Some bricks delivered today. Weather has become somewhat more settled, but the streets and roads are nearly impassable. The storm has been of incalculable benefit to farmers.
November 7
At work about the building all day. Met Mr. Heath who paid me $1,000.00.

November 8
Settled a number of building bills and helped the man at work making a closet.

November 9
Bought an old trunk and sent Annie some dried fruit from Teasdales.
November 12
Left home on the 8 a.m. train for Huntsville, Weber County ... met with the 75 Quorum of Sevenies ... Stormy night. Administered to four sick children of brother Angus McKay's family.

(To be continued.)
From John Morgan Journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah.

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