Sunday, December 5, 2010

John Morgan building tenement row. Nov 13-Dec 9, 1889. Part five.

Continued from here.

On November 13 John Morgan returned to Salt Lake City, where he attended council meeting. … President Gates accompanied me home to dinner.

November 14
Busy about the building shining [sic. shinning (1829--Webster’s 9th Collegiate Dictionary)] up the cellar bank of the Chamber of Commerce Building.

November 15
Still busy about the building and other work. An investigation is going on in the Third District Court to prove the disloyalty of the Saints, a number of Apostates have testified with great bitterness against the Church. The Court Attorneys and others are doing all they can to urge them to do so.

Brother Jas. Tillman and family from the Southern States Mission arrived last night. I met them at the Windsor Hotel and assisted them in getting into quarters at the Tithing Emigrants House. The investigation in the Court is still going on and more terrible lies are being sworn to by traitors.

November 16
Sold 80 acres of land in Colorado to C. J. Brain and received the money today. Kept quite busy with the building and other work.

November 17-25 Mellie accompanied John Morgan on his travels to American Fork on Sunday School and Quorum business. He obtained a goat for his son, Nicholas [1884-1971], while in Lehi, and returned to Salt Lake where rain prevented work on his building. Following a council meeting B. H. Roberts remained with him for a night. They were notified of the death of a brother Whittaker and asked to attend his funeral in Centerville. Which they did. They both spoke at the funeral, where the attendance was sparse because of a report that the deceased died of Diphtheria. On the 23rd he wrote, got Nicholas' goat wagon and harness together and hitched up for him.

November 26
Had an interview with President Woodruff and council this morning and presented to them the condition of many quorums filled with men too old to fill missions and suggested that they be ordained High Priests. After some little discussion, a vote was taken and it was carried. Thus opening the way for young men to fill up the quorums. At 4 p.m. left for Nephi where I arrived at 9 p.m.

November 27
Spent the day quietly and pleasantly reading and visiting some company in the evening.

November 28
Took 5:30 a.m. train for home. Arrived at 10 a.m. Busy about the building during the day and had thanksgiving turkey at home. The first time in several years. Hyrum [Groesbeck] and wife [Ann Groesbeck], Mellie [his daughter (1878-1952)] and Andrew [Burt, his son-in-law] were with us.

November 29
Made an effort to get the contractor on the Chamber of Commerce Building build a wall so that we could go ahead with our wall. He made fair promises.

November 30
At work about the building and attending to affairs about home.

December 1-4 Council and other meetings, and work on his building.

December 5
Tried to arrange the sale of some Real Estate and quite busy.

December 6
At work getting in water pipe extension to the new building. The mason at work on Chamber of Commerce wall.

December 7
Storming today and the men could only work part of the day. A heavy rain in the evening.

December 8
Left for Springville in company with brother Goddard and Eliza [presumably his daughter (1875-1952)].

December 9 Back in Salt Lake City. ... The city a sea of mud.

(To be continued.)


  1. I got a chuckle out of making the old men High Priests and I was imagining SLC as a muddy mess in that day and age which wasn't too hard to do.

  2. Thank you. I chuckled too. The muddy mess John Morgan writes about makes me grateful for the sound of a snowplow outside of my bedroom window at 3:00 a.m.