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Morgan Hotel Building begins May 1890

I snapped these pictures of the Odd Fellows Hall (Independent Order of Odd Fellows I.O.O.F.) while taking a walking tour of downtown Salt Lake City earlier this year. According to this newspaper article, the Odd Fellows Hall was built in 1891. John Morgan began construction of the Morgan Hotel in 1890.

When John Morgan descendant, Karen M., sent me a picture of the Morgan Hotel, I realized the two buildings look similar. Regardless of which side of the street the Odd Fellow Hall is now on, it was built at the time, in a similar style, and within three downtown blocks of the Morgan Hotel at 144 West First South. That site is presently in the middle of the Salt Place.

John Morgan constructed his hotel on the same lot his school had been built on. In 1890 John mortgaged their 15-room home at 163 South First West, and the five rental properties, tenement row, behind it to fund the Morgan Hotel project. The tenement row building posts are here. Part 1,Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 concluded.
May 12, 1890 is the first time John Morgan wrote anything about his next building project.

May 12
Arranged with Hyrum Groesbeck to secure the distribution of his mother’s estate and a number of other matters about town.

May 13
Hunted up parties to excavate a cellar and tear down the old college building, preparatory to the erection of another building …

Three earlier posts from 1890 are here:

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July 5
Have finished tearing down the old building and the men are getting out the cellar for the new rapidly.

July 6 to 22
Have been busy with my building work and other duties…

John Morgan Journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah. The Man Who Moved City Hall, by Jean R. Paulson, 1979, pg 9.

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  1. Sunday when we were waiting in the rain to go to the Tabernacle Choir Concert I thought of your earlier post and the rain GG Morgan talked about in Dec. and how muddy he said it was. I am thankful for sidewalks and paved streets.