Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frazier Family Dinner at the Rock House in Woodruff, Utah prior to 1918.

This Stephen Vestal Frazier family picture was probably taken in the dining room at the rock house at the Frazier Ranch in Woodruff, Utah. That would be Stephen Vestal in the arm chair in front, and his wife Elizabeth Walton Frazier facing him from across the table. The woman behind the right side of Stephen's arm chair looks like his daughter Maude Frazier Eastman. I can't tell who the others are, but you can see an earlier labeled picture of them here. Elizabeth was 78 years old when she died in 1918. Stephen lived until 1923.

Thank you to Susan Walton descendant, Marla, for this lovely picture of Susan Peabody Walton Virgin Walton Houghton . Susan is mother to Elizabeth Walton Frazier, in the top picture. More on Susan's family can be found here.

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