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John Morgan. Building. Sept 20-Oct 20, 1889. Part three.

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September 20
Rained today. At home [Salt Lake] nearly all day. Attended the meeting of 8th Quorum at the Social Hall. Brother Robert Campbell after a five months absence was present and spoke. I followed. A good attendance.

The next day John Morgan arranged for railroad rates for Colorado members, presumably traveling to Salt Lake City for the upcoming general conference. And the following day he traveled to Coalville, Utah to attend a Sunday School Union.

September 23
Left for home [Salt Lake City] at 8 a.m. Arrived at noon. Quite cool. Some snow on the west mountains. Attended a lecture at the Theatre by Mrs. Dr. Longshore Potts, in Physiology and the laws of health.

September 24
John Morgan met with the Sunday School Union Board and was appointed to a committee to arrange with the Salt Lake Stake Superintendency [sic] for a Sunday School Jubilee. The following day he and his wife, Mellie, traveled to Heber City for a Sunday School Conference where he attended numerous meetings. He wrote, “All the meetings were well attended and a good spirit prevailed and much good will I trust resulted from the visit.” Upon their return home on the 30th, he wrote “very tired.”

October 1
Brother Lorenzo Snow called today and notified me that the brethren of the Authorities had selected me to take charge of a Bureau of information to be established by the church and the question was quite extensively canvassed.

Through the 12th his days were filled with general conference meetings, visitors, and acquiring railroad accommodations. On that day, he “Got a horse and harness hitched to the buggy and drove around with Mellie and the children …

October 15
At work getting ready to build.

October 16
Drove to Brains Brick Kiln and bought 6,000 bricks. Met with First Council and had an interesting meeting … I bought 1,500 bricks of J. Green of Sessions.

October 17
Looked for Adobies [sic] and building material. Closed contract with J. G. Green to build five cottages for $2,300, he to furnish all material, except brick and rock and do all work, finishing everything in good workmanlike manner. [Note: Information about these cottages is found here.]

October 18
At work getting building ground laid off and ready to take out foundation.

October 19

Busy getting building material. In the afternoon received an invitation to go to Nephi to Quarterly Conference from brother F. M. Lyman, but failed to go.

October 20
At home for the first Sunday in a long time. Attended service at the Tabernacle, a returned missionary and President George Q. Cannon spoke. Mellie quite unwell with abscess on breast.
(To be continued.)

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