Friday, April 29, 2011

Bessie Morgan and her brother Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan. Part 2. Concluded.

This picture of Bessie looks very similar to the one posted here. Years ago her daughter Winnie wrote on the back of the picture, Bessie abt. 18 yrs.

I was recently introduced to a beautiful Blog called HeritagePaperDolls. I recommend you become acquainted with it. The 1910 popular tailored outfit pictured on HeritagePaperDolls here reminds me of what Bessie is wearing in this picture.

This post is continued from here and includes another note from a letter Nicholas wrote home to his mother, Mellie, a portion is directed to Bessie.

From Washington DC
November 25, 1907 (p3)
Last Sunday Mollie [daughter of Harmon and Rhoda Groesbeck] and her hubby were here. We had a fine time. We all went out to Alexandria, the first Capitol of the U.S. It is the quaintest town in the country. It was founded in 1740 or somewhere there about. The same church is still standing that Wash. [presumably George Washington] attended. The old home of Lord Fairfax, where Wash. Did his mechanical drawing after he had been out surveying is still intact and is in very good condition. The streets are all made of cobble rocks and they are certainly the roughest I have ever seen. I saw and stood on and cut a piece off of the platform or veranda where Wash. Stood as he gave his last public address-- 2 months and 3 days before he died. I am enclosing it here with. Give it to Bess and tell her to keep it. She has seen the picture in the history book where Wash. Is giving the address; well this wood is from the great pillar that he leaned his arm against as he read his address.

I went to the pictures I took of Grandmother Bessie’s scrapbook a couple of years ago. (Here is a post with some pictures and a note about the scrapbook.) I don’t recall pictures of, or references to, President Washington, and the piece of wood Nicholas sent home to Bessie, but I looked for them anyway. Bessie was a keeper too.

Below is a picture of an open page in the scrapbook, and the boot-box it ended up being stored in. Recalling Grandmother Bessie’s scrapbook again reminded me of some more treasures I’m planning on posting here soon.

Thank you again to cousin Karen M. for this picture of Bessie from Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan's family collection.

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