Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Pine Tree in the Randolph Cemetery. 2011.

Sometime after Aunt Doty (Dorothy Virginia Tipton Rex, married to Maeser Morgan Rex) was buried in the Randolph Cemetery on November 25, 1979, her brother and sister-in-law (Glenn Frazier and Flora Rex Lamborn) planted a tree in the cemetery in Dorothy's memory. Dorothy is pictured here and here.
It grew and flourished there. Flora is standing beneath it in 2008. Flora is also pictured in these posts.
When Aunt Flora (Flora Elizabeth Rex Lamborn, 1930-2011) was buried in the Randolph Cemetery on February 19, 2011, the beautiful evergreen she helped plant towered overhead as her grandsons placed their boutonnieres on her casket.

Almost all of the Percy Harold (P.H.) Rex family is in this mid-1960's reunion picture in Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, Utah. L-R in front; Rich Lamborn, Ross Andrus, Harold Rex, Flora Rex Lamborn (looking back) P.H. Rex, Mary Herbert Rex, Helen Frazier Rex, Winnie Rex Andrus, Diana Haycock Rex, her mother Sister Haycock. On the back row the in the middle is Maeser Rex, with his wife Dorothy to the right.

Pictures are from my collection.

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  1. Yesterday Mandy and I looked at a picture on Yara's CD before the tree AND the chain link fence. The cemetary has come a long way!