Monday, November 9, 2009

Bessie Morgan Rex and her brothers, 1905

Isn’t this a wonderful picture! That is grandmother Bessie Morgan Rex and her brothers, Nick and John (Jack) Morgan. Her biography begins here. Thanks to her brother, Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan, for saving the picture. And thank you to his granddaughter, cousin Karen M., for sending it to me.

Uncle Nick’s poem, reflections on discovering this photograph about 60 years ago, follows. Today is actually his birthday. He was born 125 years ago today, on November 9, 1884. Happy Birthday, Uncle Nick! And thank you for the family treasures you preserved.

Be sure and click on the imagine to enlarge it!

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  1. Your posts are great! I've been short on time recently so I usually just read them in RSS feed, but finally had a little more time to come over to your blog and say thank you for all the lovely histories and photos.

    This picture is a treasure. Sometimes unposed pictures are more informative about relationships and personalities than posed portraits.

    And, I agree. Many thanks to Nicholas for all his hard work on preserving the history of the family. It's great having all those family materials available at the archives. And, many thanks to you, as well, Bessie!